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Entering and enrolling

Final update date February 1, 2021


Childcare services and community

Nursery school, kindergarten, Yokohama nursery room, temporary nursery school, etc.

When we hope for the use of authorized nursery school, authorized child institution (childcare use), home-based childcare business, small-scale childcare business, childcare business in establishment (regional frame)

This is a space where preschool children and their parents can play and interact.

Send from Yokohama! An interesting and fun site for daddy childcare

You can find a place for interaction between parents and children on a map, such as "Child care salon" and "Parent and child gathering open space".

There are various playground equipment that children can play happily, such as spiral slides, underground mazes, and net climbing.

elementary and junior high schools

Parents of children newly enrolled in elementary and junior high schools in the following fiscal year (elementary school: October / junior high school: January), parents of children who move into and out of elementary and junior high schools due to moving, etc.

For those who wish to study at a municipal school other than designated school

For those who wish to study at a specially recognized school in the school area

When a child with a resident registration in Yokohama enters elementary and junior high school other than Yokohama City

Parents who live in the city and plan to enter elementary school the following year

For those who have difficulty in attending elementary and junior high schools due to financial reasons (application period for each school)

As a general rule, for first to sixth graders who go to the school.
Weekdays: After class, until 7 p.m. Saturday, during long holidays: From 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

   For first to sixth graders living in the city.
   Weekdays: 6 hours or more per day until 7pm. Saturday and long holidays: 10 hours or more per day until 7pm.
   ※It depends on the club. For more information, please contact each club.

As a general rule, it is for elementary and junior high school elementary school student in principle.
Weekdays: After class, until 5 p.m. Saturday and long holidays: From nine a.m. to five p.m.
※Opening hours may be different.

High School

For high school students whose parents have a Address in the city ※Other requirements

Special Needs School


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