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Elderly care

Final update date September 5, 2019


pension, Medical Insurance

Those aged 75 or older or those aged 65 to 74 who have been certified as having certain disabilities

Nursing care insurance

Life and social participation (learning, enjoying, gathering, working)

If you present the "Hama Tomo Card" to the "Hama Tomo Supporting Store", you can receive services such as discounts on products and entrance fees.

We issue a special certificate for the elderly to those who wish.

Volunteer activities at nursing care insurance facilities accumulate points that can be redeemed. We are looking for registrants!

For those who live in the city and are generally over 60 years old and are willing to work, we offer free temporary and short-term job placements.


Services and support outside The Long-term Care Insurance Support

List of facilities

This facility provides welfare and health services comprehensively in familiar places.

Rights Protection and Adult Guardianship

Related Information

List of counters and ward offices


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