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Moving / Housing

Final update date February 3, 2021



List of Moving Procedures

Procedures for family register, Basic Resident Register

When Address changes with moving, it is necessary to perform transference notice, transference notice in the municipalities. In Yokohama-shi, we perform procedures such as transference, transference in ward office.

Social Insurance and Tax Procedures

Procedures for Children

Procedures for the elderly

Procedures for persons with disabilities

Procedures for cars and motorcycles

Procedures for pet dogs

You need to notify Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division needs to be notified.

Passport Procedures

public utilities, etc. (electricity, gas, water, telephone, NHK)

When you move, you will need to change your Address is moved.
Various businesses provide services for electricity, gas, telephone, and communication (Internet), and you can freely choose the fee structure.

Collection of oversized garbage


Notification and Procedures

things related to architecture

House indication, tax, registration

Consultation and Support

Rental housing and condominiums

  • Municipal Housing
    Tenants are recruited twice a year in April and October. There are resident qualifications such as income standards and resident (or working) of 6 months or more.
  • Child care
    Public rental housing for child-rearing households utilizing high-quality rental housing such as private landowners.
  • Yokohama Ribuin
    Excellent public rental housing for middle-income earners to live in high-quality rental housing constructed by private landowners.
  • Excellent rental housing for the elderly
    High-quality public rental housing for the elderly constructed by private landowners.



  • Life Memorial Tree
    In Yokohama City, we celebrate births and marriages that leave memories of our lives, and give commemorative seedlings to those who have applied. (Twice a year)


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