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─Municipal ownership place open call for participants sale business─

We appreciate your accessing information for municipal ownership place open call for participants sale!
In Yokohama-shi, we carry out open call for participants sale of municipal ownership place to general all of you widely.
Examination look at the purchase of land by all means!

In addition, opinion from all of you waits for request about municipal ownership place open call for participants sale business.
Even Twitter began information dispatch. For more information:

 Twitter (Twitter)

※Article which Yokohama-shi seized as disposition for failure to pay taxes such as city taxes about sale of real estate
  There is "public auction" to sell by rule of the o method. About "public auction" to this.

  Notice 29, the first 29, the second
 First-come-first-served basis sale

(possible the purchase corporation, individual together)

The 2017 first
Application for first-come-first-served basis sale
We are accepting.

(from July 4, 29
Until February 23, 30

We published information of first-come-first-served basis sale.

There is baifutsu such as impregnability articles
List of first-come-first-served basis sale articles
First-come-first-served basis sale article is detailed
 About mediation trust summary
(product for house-built suppliers)

General competitive bidding
(possible participation corporation, individual together)

The 2017 first

 Bid was finished.

The 2017 first
Bid was finished.
(June 27 conduct)

The 2017 second 
* Is going to bid; article
(going to carry out in November, 2017)

The latest

 H29 .8.1  
  We published information of general competitive bidding planned article in the second in 2017.
  We publish about sale planned article in the second bid.
   * Is going to bid; to article table


  H29 .7.4
We started receptionist of first-come-first-served basis sale article on July 4. 
  Bid disorder article (article which was not made a bid for or article that successful bidder did not conclude sales contract)
  nitsuite, first-come-first-served basis recruit purchase people.


   H29 .6.27
  General competitive bidding was finished in the first in 2017.
  ◆We are disclosing information of bid in the first in 2017

   The offer point
   List of articles
   Bid summary

   As there are some corrections about the offer point, please be careful.
     News of offer point correction

Q&A (common question)

About bid, application

About contract, price payment

About article



About mediation trust to depend on first-come-first-served basis sale article (product for house-built suppliers)

 Summary of mediation trust 

 About "guidance" and style of mediation


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