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Municipal ownership place temporary loan

What is temporary loan of municipal ownership place?

Other uses may use the business planned site and substitute land that Yokohama-shi holds till use time by business of city comes. Such municipal ownership place performs short-term loan as material depot for construction, falsework office, model room site.

Temporary loan land

List of temporary loan land

Procedure of application

With list of loan land, we can apply for article without indication during loan in the next procedure at one time.

Application method

Please submit to Finance Bureau administration of property section after filling out required items on public property loan application.

※Before presentation of application, please talk in advance by all means.
 Of prior consultation even if have submit application when there is not, may decline.

Application period

From last month 1 of the moon where the use starting date belongs to to 10th (can apply every month). In addition, in the case of closed days, 10th is until open agency day, the following day.

When there is not application, we lend to first-come-first-served basis after the end during until the end of the month during application period during application period.

About use condition

Use purpose

As a general rule, we assume use (as sites such as material depot, falsework office, model room) at one time.

※Please note that reconstruction of fence will have you bear in the case of need to become loan in former condition.
In addition, please go back up in state when you lent land after loan period.

※We have you perform explanation toward the inhabitants of neighborhood before presentation of application in neighborhood having possibilities to trouble in the noise or mine dust when you use in material depots beforehand.
I would like application after having had enough understanding of neighborhood. 

Loan period

As a general rule, it is less than one year, but can update until up to two years.

  • Period to be able to lend and use purpose vary according to articles.
  • When Yokohama-shi uses for official business or the community, we may have you return even if you meet in the middle of loan period.
  • Please contact Finance Bureau administration of property section for the details.

It is targeted for the use

You can apply for individual, group, both corporation.


We assume the current price that we calculated by standard to establish of Yokohama-shi rent. When the use is decided, please pay the rent total amount for loan period before contract.

※Even if it is loan of the area between the same periods, by difference between calculation standard and land unit price to be, please note every article as amount of money is different.