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New attempt that led the whole country!

We applied to realization of strategic, effectively utilizing of possession assets

Open call for participants sale by problem solution type open call for participants technique by citizen cooperation


 As a result of having performed company open call for participants about municipal ownership place of Yoshida-cho, Totsuka-ku (104-1, Yoshidacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, 2, 123-1, 4), there was application from 7 people and, after examination of examination committee, decided person planning business.


January 31, 2012 press release document  


About selection result in Yoshida-cho, Totsuka-ku land open call for participants business (report from examination committee)


Answer to main question about Yoshida-cho, Totsuka-ku land open call for participants sale (the point) is this



[reference] News at the time of open call for participants start 


About new technique to plan solutions of area problem, we applied as "problem solution type open call for participants experimental project by citizen cooperation" in setup, municipal ownership place of Yoshidacho, Totsuka-ku while taking in talks with all of companies before open call for participants  to utilize know-how and vitality of all of companies effectively in Yokohama-shi, and grasping market appropriately.



◎ Please refer to "we effectively utilize of possession assets by citizen cooperation" for problem solution type open call for participants experimental project by citizen cooperation.                                                                               



 Based on advice of third party committee about contents and company talks of company talks that we carried out in January, 2011, we establish "open call for participants essential point" and start open call for participants sale.                            


 In addition, this open call for participants is price fixation proposal system regardless of participation, nonparticipation for company talksWe gather people planning business in this more widely.


 ※ Method to fix sale price, and to establish fair fair examination committee about business outline, and to examine



● Open call for participants land summary (figure of [reference] reference)


  104-1, Yoshidacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi others 3 writing brush (actual survey area: 4,288.53 square meter)


● Offer use


☆We meet condition that Motoichi sets as use that we can build in industrial district



Commerce, service, house to fix for Yokohama-shi city planning master plan, Totsuka Ward plan was suitable for purpose of district that accumulated compound function 




Include authorization nursery school of min*minei where is higher than 60 capacity in all or a part of the building. But we can change authorization nursery school to Yokohama nersery room when we assume pro-duties facility (thing which is similar to office, research institute, these factory or other) main use.




When you establish house, consider not to be accompanied by remarkable increase of attendance at school child.




Plural Store Association is active, and, taking into consideration commercial activity around the ground concerned being prosperous, consider symbiosis with stores such as Store Association.




Consider not to make any avoiding large-scale retail stores from the situation of neighboring roads, and largely increasing auto traffic.




Taking into consideration detached residence house and nursery school being next to the ground concerned, consider light to the outskirts, neighboring environment including comings and goings of vehicle.




Other than town development and regional activation, consider anti-crime program, disaster prevention and tree planting, global warming measure. 



● Open call for participants sale price


  A total of 1,197,786,429 yen (unit price 279,300 yen/square meter)



● Open call for participants schedule


  Distribution of open call for participants essential point: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 ...


  Application reception desk: From Tuesday, November 1, 2011 to Monday, November 7, 2011


  Decision of person planning business: About the end of January, 2012


 ※ Person planning business is going to be decided after having examined separately in examination committee of setting.





[the details of land]

Land The location Kaneko, Yoshidacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi field
104-1, 104-2, 123-1, 123-4
Classification of land and category Residential land (104-1, 104-2, 123-1), mongrel place (123-4)
Acreage of a plot of land (actual survey) 4,288.53 square meter
Restricted zone (coverage ratio / floor area ratio) Industrial district (60% /200 %)
Traffic From JR Tokaido Line, municipal subway blue line Totsuka Station approximately 300m












[press release document]


  Press release document (September 7, 2011)



[distribution, inquiry, application reception desk point of open call for participants essential point]


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