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Of 5, Sengencho, Nishi-ku land
About open call for participants sale (problem solution type open call for participants)



About open call for participants sale by problem solution to municipal ownership ground type open call for participants technique located at 5, Sengencho, Nishi-ku, there was eight application and, after examination of person planning business choice committee (we say "committee" as follows.) such as Yokohama-shi possession assets open call for participants sale, decided person planning business.
 Suggestion content is that it is undertaken an enterprise and, based on open call for participants condition, adds to solution to local problem while utilizing city company and can expect that we are connected for activation of city economy in future.


 Press release document (February 27, 2014) is this


 Report from committee is this


 Answer about question is this


In Yokohama-shi (we say "Motoichi" as follows.), effective profit of possession assets carries out open call for participants sale by problem solution type open call for participants as part of inflecting about the municipal ownership ground (we say "open call for participants land" as follows.) located at 5, Sengencho, Nishi-ku.

Problem solution type open call for participants is technique to plan solutions of area problem while taking in talks (we say "company talks" as follows.) with all of private business people before open call for participants conduct to utilize know-how and vitality of all of private business people in open call for participants effectively, and grasping market appropriately.

About open call for participants land, we carried out company talks based on local problem such as correspondence to aging society and local community in September, 2012 and, by this open call for participants, arranged open call for participants conditions such as maintenance of community house to lease to house and Motoichi for elderly people based on this result.

In addition, as we adopt utilization of city company on undertaking an enterprise based on purpose of "the Yokohama-shi medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations" (the March, 2010 Yokohama-shi regulations ninth) in open call for participants condition, this open call for participants adds to solution of area problem, and it is expected that we are connected for activation of city economy.


 Indication of 1 open call for participants land


 The location  Records at government and public offices classification of land and category  Records at government and public offices and actual survey acreage of a plot of land Restricted zone (coverage ratio, floor area ratio) 
 5-375-1, Sengencho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi  Residential land  1,345.67 square meter Business district (80%, 400%)


 Contents (summary) of 2 business suggestion


(1) Offer use

   Facility including house for elderly people

(as for the thing which shall offer more than 1/2 of deferred floor space in house for elderly people by sale in lots or lease, and put tenant or apartment house together, possible)

※ House for elderly people assumes facility corresponding to "house" by building use in Building Standard Act.

(2) Facility which needs incidental setting

A interchange space

  As thing which is available for the area use that company sets up around 200 square meters


  As thing which company leases to Motoichi after maintenance including interior around 300 square meters (the library room function center)

   ※ Motoichi burden wage charges of 1,000 yen/square meter, month (only as for photothermal water costs, consumption tax and the local consumption tax separately)

Facility to offer in cormorant local disaster prevention and global warming measure

      Thing by suggestion of applicant

(3) Inflection of city company

   In one of the design, construction or management administration duties, we utilize city company (we say thing having main office or office in Yokohama-shi.)


 3 open call for participants sale prices


  A total of 363,600,034 yen (unit price 270,200 yen/square meter)


 Distribution place of subscription for 4 essential point


  1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama City Hall main government building the fourth floor Finance Bureau assets management section [room number: 410]
  Tel 045-671-2269


 5 schedules


 Distribution start of open call for participants essential point  Thursday, October 10, 2013
 Application reception desk period  From Monday, December 9, 2013 to Friday, December 20, 2013
 Examination period  From January, 2014 to February
 Decision of person planning business  March, 2014 (contract, land delivery: until Monday, March 31, 2014)
※ We may be changed in schedule by convenience.



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 Press release document (October 10, 2013) is this