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About 29, Heisei fiscal budget


Frame We publish budget-related document Frame

Budget guideline

Request for Kanagawa budget 

 29, Heisei fiscal budget

29, Heisei fiscal budget bill 

Budget summary according to station, the unification headquarters


2017 budget guideline (September 20, 2016)




PDFBasic way of thinking (PDF, 285KB) of municipal administration administration (4-5 pages are budget guidelines)



PDFAbout the making of compilation of the budget, execution system (PDF, 927KB) 

Request (December 12, 2016) for 2017 Kanagawa budget




PDFRequest (PDF, 691KB) for 2017 Kanagawa budget (15 pages of text)

29, Heisei fiscal budget (January 31, 2017)




PDFAbout 2017 budget bill (presentation document) (PDF, 3,743KB) (29 pages of text) 


ball  PDFAbout 2017 budget bill (booklet) (PDF, 3,860KB) (96 pages of text) 


 [document (EXCEL version)]

[EXCEL]Support (EXCEL, 265KB)  of list of main business 1) woman, child, youth, senior

 [EXCEL]Relief, improvement of list of main business 2) civic life (EXCEL381KB)

 [EXCEL]Activation (EXCEL, 613 of list of main business 3) Yokohama economyKB)

 [EXCEL]List of main business 4) city function, environmental enhancement(EXCEL, 276KB)

 [EXCEL]Document (EXCEL167KB)

29, Heisei fiscal budget bill (February 7, 2017)


 ball29, Heisei fiscal budget bill (we link to list of bills of Yokohama City Council)


 ballManualPDF 8,408KB (849 pages of text edition collectively) about 29, Heisei fiscal budget

 Frame It is for file separately Frame

 ・ Cover, table of contents, budget PDFa total of 545KB

 ・ General account budgetPDF 3,185KB

 ・ Special accounts budgetPDF 3,211KB

 ・ Government enterprise accounts budgetPDF 2,730KB

 ・ Breakdown PDF489KB of municipal bond

Budget summary (include special accounts and corporate accounting) according to station, the unification headquarters (February 10, 2017)




Budget summary (we include special accounts and corporate accounting) according to station, the unification headquarters

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