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Finance Bureau Finance Section

Public information mascot "Hama rhinoceros" of Yokohama municipal bond



  Budget of Yokohama-shi
    We publish budget-related documents such as (budget press release document), business plan according to ward station, the unification headquarters about budget guideline, budget bill of each year.

  Kitchen circumstances of Hama
    It is public information booklet which explained budget and financial status of Yokohama-shi clearly.
    We publish even English version.

Financial statements

  General account financial statements
    We announce summary of general account financial statements of each year and various subsidy tables (financial statements).

  Financing documents
    We make by unified standard from financial statements in 2016.

  The restoration judgment ratio
    We announce the restoration judgment ratio (real deficit ratio, connection substantially deficit ratio, real public loan costs ratio, in the future burden ratio) of each year and the lack of funds ratio of government enterprise accounts.

  ・General account financial statements
   Summary of general account financial statements
    Based on general account financial statements data, we explain financial status of Yokohama-shi using graph and table.

   General account closing card
    About the situation such as the amount of general account annual revenue, annual expenditure financial statements, various financial indexes, we gathered to one piece of card.

Collection of financial status documents

  We reorganized general account closing card and individual data about finance including the restoration judgment ratio and gathered up.

Fiscal summary

  Based on Local Government Act, we announce about the execution situation of budget twice a year (June, December).

Way of thinking of user burden on use of citizen facilities

  We announce "way of thinking of user burden on use of citizen facilities" that settled ways of thinking of burden ratio such as the fee for use, fee that facility uses of city cost.
  In addition, we announce every financial statements about the situation of cost, the fee for use of main facility.

Merit system

  We publish approach contents of ward station which we devised of reduction by "merit system in budget".