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Public information mascot "Hama rhinoceros" of Yokohama municipal bond



Financial statements

Kitchen circumstances of Hama

We renew "mikata of yosan" from public information booklet 22 when we explained budget clearly and issue

Fiscal summary

Publication of financial circumstances of Yokohama-shi

Financial status (summary of general account financial statements) of Yokohama-shi

Based on financial statements data for the past 10 years, we explained financial status of Yokohama-shi using graph and table

Financial statements

Than financial analysis ... "financial status of Yokohama-shi" by technique of corporate accounting

The local public entity fiscal consolidation method

General account closing card

Collection of financial status documents

We understand circle ★Hama finance (kids page)

Way of thinking of user burden on use of citizen facilities

About development of way of thinking of user burdens such as facility use charges

Merit system

Approach for reduction of the budget execution