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Thing "management of Yokohama-shi public facilities" - Yokohama-shi of all Yokohama-shi

A large quantity of public facilities (thing of all) which we concentrate on in Yokohama-shi for the rapid economic growth period and maintained become obsolete all at once.

For the future, to cope with change of citizen needs while ensuring the security,

The general management is demanded.

Thing of all Yokohama-shi

 Thing process of all Yokohama-shi

sisetu-gun   In Yokohama-shi, we maintained many public facilities  as base which formed city, place of administrative services to citizen.
   pdfRatio according to the in-service start generation of urban infrastructure facility
boy-face    Because public facilities of Yokohama-shi concentrate on by the beginning of the Heisei era from the mid-30s that is the population rapid increase period of rapid economic growth of the Showa era and maintained, as for most, higher than pass after the maintenance for 30 years, and deterioration progresses. 
  pdfThe maintenance situation according to the year of public building old 
girl-face    Based on severe financial statuses of change and city of citizen needs that assumed change of social conditions such as the arrival of progress and population decline society of low birthrate and aging background, various invention is necessary. 
  pdfThe situation and problem to surround public facilities 

 Thing approach of all Yokohama-shi


Do you not think about from this of facility of all which you protect and brought up together together? 
The public facilities management of Yokohama-shi
 ・Yokohama-shi public facilities management basic policy
 ・Yokohama-shi community building management white paper
 ・Way of thinking of the Yokohama-shi community building management 
 ・new Policy of reorganization maintenance of Yokohama-shi community building
 new General public building maintenance, update plan
  pdfLeaflet "let's think together! Public building" 
Policy, system, data in conjunction with the management 
 Policy, system
 Way of thinking of user burden on use of citizen facilities
 Yokohama-shi assets utilization basic policy
 Citizen cooperation, designated manager system
 List of facility information of public building (open data)
 ・The use situation (open data) of public building
 ・Administration costs check (financial statements of Yokohama-shi) according to facility according to business
For security, relief (main approach)  
 ... to follow with maintenance - everybody
 Park "park protection society"
 Road "Hama road supporter"
 River "waterside protection society"

 To use deterioration measures ... for a long time eagerly very much; ...
 ・Sewer "old sewer and redevelopment business"
 ・Park "safety measures of playground equipment"
 ・Public building "extension of life measures"
 ・Bridge "extension of life"
 Water supply "approach of superannuation pipe update"

Past main approach about maintenance, update of the whole public facilities 
(in detail to "Yokohama-shi public facilities management basic policy") 
 * We devise extension of life - basic policy - of public facilities in 2000
 * We found stock manager system in 2001
 * We start public building deterioration investigation in 2002
 * We develop public building maintenance database in 2007
 * We announce Yokohama-shi community building management white paper in 2012
 * We devise Yokohama-shi public facilities management basic policy in 2014
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