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Yokohama supporters donation - oldness and tax payment ...

The situation of contribution amount of money and the purpose for which money is spent

 All of you who had you approve of approach of Yokohama-shi, everyone, who loved Yokohama gave much contribution to.
 We thank for warm feeling that had you approach for Yokohama-shi heartily.

Contribution amount of money in 2016 (from April, 2016 to the end of March, 29) and the purpose for which money is spent
Contribution menu   The number         Contribution amount of money The purpose for which money is spent
Youth support fund toward the world  16 cases 1,385,000 yen It inflected for support for study abroad, the foreign countries training of city high school student.
yokohama dream fund (Yokohama-shi social movement promotion fund) 245 cases  40,157,035 yen It inflected for conduct of dispatch, accounts course of adviser for grant of grant for NPO corporation which we registered and administration support of social movement group.
Yokohama-shi culture fund  35 cases 1,385,565 yen It inflected to purchase fund of art work to store in Yokohama-bijutsukan.
Yokohama-shi social welfare fund 285 cases 15,110,200 yen Facilities conjugated for conduct of aftercare business for elementary school student after exit.
Hajime Mori iron of Yokohama-shi collaboration 35 cases 3,675,113 yen We managed with savings to allot for acquisition fund of small forest place.
Yokohama-shi environmental conservation fund Eight cases 5,746,875 yen It inflected to environmental conservation activity costs that took root in area including commendation system and subsidy program for environmental activity group.
Historic scenery maintenance utilization business 32 cases 5,658,000 yen It inflected for setting of "signature, explanation board" to introduce landmark architecture of downtown to.
Hajime Mori iron of oldness and way will of Yokohama-shi water 273 cases 6,446,670 yen It inflected as activity fund of way will forest at the head of a river volunteer business.
Yokohama-shi school facility maintenance fund 12 cases 1,433,000 yen It inflected in premeditated maintenance, rebuilding, enlargement of school in Yokohama-shi facility to install.
Overall municipal administration (there is no identification of the purpose for which money is spent) 17 cases 10,740,228 yen It inflected for wide measure that Yokohama-shi promoted.
The total 958 cases   91,737,686 yen   

2016 donation utilization advisory (PDF file 414KB)

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