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Local rates declare in net, too! eLTAX (L tax) is convenient!

In Yokohama-shi, we start electronic report of city tax using eLTAX (L tax) and electronic application service in January, 2006.
From April, 2013, electronic tax payment service using eLTAX came to be available. We pay from PCs by using Internet banking and can file for electronic tax payment service other than payment in ATM in conjunction with electronic report service.
In the case of report of city tax and payment procedure, please use simple convenient eLTAX electron report, electronic tax payment service.

There is 1 such merit!

 (1) We can file for report and payment through the Internet from office and home.

 (2) We can perform plural reports that we made every local public entity by one data transmission operation in a mass.
   (but limited to group starting electronic report service).

 (3) About presentation of salary payment report, receptionist by electronic report is possible in all local public entity.

 (4) Free corresponding software and commercial tax practice, accounting software enable the same report procedure.
   (but corresponding software of eLTAX is best). 

 (5) Because it is not necessary to pay at window of financial institution, limitation such as place or reception hours of financial institution disappears.

Procedure to be available in 2 Yokohama-shi

 (1) Electronic report and electronic application, report

 Items of taxation

 Report relations

 Application, report relations


 Personal residence tax (special collection)
  • Salary payment report (statement according to generalization vote, individual)
  • Public pension payment report (statement according to generalization vote, individual)
  • Salaried employee transfer registration form which depends on salary payment report, special collection
  • Reshuffling request book to special collection
  • Delivery report which affects Retirement income
  • Withholding slip, special collection vote of Retirement income
  •  The location, name notification of change of person of special collection duty
Yokohama-shi special collection center
 Corporation municipal tax
  • Report of corporation municipal tax
  • Incorporation, establishment registration form
  • Fiscal year, tax payment place, other changes, transfer registration form
Corporation taxation section corporation City Tax Section
 Office tax
  • Report of office tax
  • Statements such as offices
  • Tax-free statement
  • Exception statement of standard of assessment
  • Check of common use part
  • Reports such as house loan for office
  •  New abolition reports such as offices
Corporation taxation section office tax charge
 Property tax (depreciable assets)
  • Depreciable assets report
  • Statement according to kind
-------- Yokohama-shi depreciable assets center

 (2) The electronic tax payment

   ・Personal residence tax (for special collection)
   ・Corporation municipal tax
   ・Office tax
   ※We do not carry out the electronic tax payment by eLTAX of property tax (depreciable assets).
      When you are paid by Internet banking, please use payment notice with peijimaku.
   ※When we are paid using Internet banking and ATM, receipt paper is not issued.
     You bring payment notice in windows such as the financial institutions same as before, and please pay person needing receipt paper.
   ※Among Yokohama-shi designation financial institution and storing substitution financial institutions, Pay-easy (page) is available in available financial institution.

Reference about 3 eLTAX

About the details about use start of eLTAX and concrete usage, please inquire whether you look at "eLTAX homepage" to "eLTAX Help Desk".

■ eLTAX Help Desk
  ・Telephone: 0570-081459 (haishinkoku) 
      From IP telephone and PHS: 03-5500-7010 

About security measures

We make sure of securing of security by the next methods so that users can use in peace.
○ By user ID, password (password), we identify user.
○ Grant of e-signature and electronic certificate ※We prevent manipulation of data and "spoofing" by another person by attachment of this.
○ We prevent information leakage by coding of transmission data.

※Electronic certificate is electronic identification card. We are published in eLTAX homepage about available electronic certificate in eLTAX. Please see eLTAX (please prepare for electronic certificate).
In addition, look at Yokohama-shi (public personal identification service) when individual acquires electronic certificate (public personal identification) in Yokohama citizens.

<to one where eLTAX is used>

JAVA practice environment that we used when we submit use reports of eLTAX, please cooperate to have the latest practice environment revise after the presentation promptly from the viewpoint of security measures. JAVA practice environment became needless in procedure of use report (newly) and application, report from March 14, 2016. When you do not use JAVA practice environment any place other than eLTAX, please uninstall JAVA practice environment.
As manual is listed in eLTAX homepage about procedure, please refer to.
Manual name: JAVA practice environment (JRE) uninstallation version up procedure


About electronic report (e-Tax: e-tax) of 4 national taxes

  About national tax, there is national tax electron report, tax payment system (e-Tax) which can declare using the Internet.
  For more details, please see homepage of e-Tax.
Yokohama-shi top menu > Finance Bureau > Page of yokohama city tax > Electronic report of city tax
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