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Personal residence tax (municipal tax, prefectural tax)

On doubt telephone which talked about "ward office and taxation office" being careful!

→For more details, Yokohama-shi Finance Bureau look at "page of city tax".


 Similar doubt call is reported in Tsuzuki Ward   in January, 2013.
 As a large number of suspicious calls are reported in the whole Yokohama-shi, please be careful.

 When the ward office tax practice staff does inquiry to tax payers on the telephone, we should be that we confirm the contents based on reports which had you submit and refer for the office and family constitution directly and may not do. Particularly, inquiry of transfer previous engagement seat of refund seems to have you contact with return postcard addressed to ward office by all means and sends document. In addition, as for telling we go to ATM, and asking about number of bank card, absolute.
 When we feel doubt for inquiry from person giving the ward office tax practice staff, after checking full name, position, we hang up once, and please consult about confirmation to ward office Tax Division in bother.

With personal residence tax (municipal tax, prefectural tax)

  We are taxed for such a tax for income of one year in address place on January 1 in the, as a general rule, year, and there are income percent to be taxed according to each income and per capita rate to be taxed equally widely in the previous year. It is the year on May 1 in the next year from June of the year during period (the taxation year) to be taxed.

We came to be able to estimate municipal tax, prefectural tax (we link to homepage of Yokohama-shi)

Contents of 2017 (for conduct) residence tax taxation system revision

Contents of taxation system revision of personal residence tax carried out from 2017 are as follows

1.About revision of earned income subtraction
2.About extension of special tax credit such as house borrowed money
3.About the profit and loss total of transfer loss to affect stocks and carrying forward subtraction
4.About mandatory credit for dependents such as attachment of documents to be concerned with relative to live in outside Japan
5.About the foundation of switch over-the-counter drugs subtraction (exception of medical expenses subtraction) for self-medication (voluntary taking medicine) promotion
In detail (link to homepage of Yokohama-shi)

End of residence tax

  When we put in individuals, as for the method of payment, as for (the normal collection), (special collection) is (each month from June to next year May) 12 times a year when it is gone down from salary of company four times a year (June, August, October, next year January). In addition, we will have you deduct from pension about residence tax calculated from pension income from 2009 and put (pension special collection six times a year (April, June, August, October, December, next year February)). But please be careful as all with pension income does not have you put by pension special collection.

 In detail (link to homepage of Yokohama-shi) 


Municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate

It is certificate called taxation certificate, tax-free certificate, income certificate.

  Request method at window

Proof issuance window: The third floor of the Tsuzuki Ward   government office 31st tax practice proof window

Thing to have:

1. Documents with photograph of the face of public office issuance including done driver's license, passport of identity verification

2. Proxy (person who can come to take proof case except the person)

→When the person and family of same household come, we can omit resident registration.
(you download style and fill out, or please make thing which listed the next contents.
Form is not precocious only for thing of downloading without lack in contents. )

(1) Address, full name, the date of birth, seal (※ person signature) of the person
(2) The year and necessary number of sheets of proof 
(3) Address, full name of one entrusted with by the person
3. Fee 300 yen (when it becomes fee exemption by purpose of use, because of one certificate, there is) 

  Request method by mail

Please request to Tsuzuki Ward   government office Tax Division City Tax Section in the following one enclosing three points.

1) Municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation (tax exemption) proof application

2) Fixed-amount money order (we purchase one piece of 300 yen share because of one of them at post office)

→As it may become fee exemption by purpose of use, please call beforehand.

3) Self-addressed envelope (and we list stamp, address, the name of return address for postage)

※When you cannot download application, please list the following contents in letter paper.
Title: Municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate
1.Purpose of use
2.The necessary year and the number of copies
3.Applicant address, full name, the date of birth
4.Address in Yokohama-shi
5.Phone number to get communication in the daytime

Instructions in case of request

Mail request of certificate from one except the person is not possible. (substitute application that we use proxy is not possible)
I cannot send as well as resident registration place of the person.

・As you may do inquiry from this about contents of application, please fill in phone number to be connected on application in the day by all means.


 32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi

 Tsuzuki Ward   government office Tax Division City Tax Section is addressed

The certificate items mentioned
・Address, full name as of January 1
・It is income amount of money, income deduction of (one year) during the last year
→But we can omit mention about each breakdown such as income amount of money, income deduction, credit for dependents
・The amount of a tax of municipal tax, prefectural tax of the year concerned 


Information about other taxes

→The following items link to "page of city tax" of Finance Bureau

Contact number

Tax Division City Tax Section

The third floor of the ward office 34th window

Telephone: 045-948-2261 - 2263 FAX: 045-948-2277


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