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Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward life convenience book

We issued Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward life convenience book!

 We issued "Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward life convenience book" jointly with SCINEX in June, 2015.
 This booklet shows around information to be helpful when we thought, "I should do what" while we live on Tsuzuki Ward  .
 You added disaster prevention information to ward office duties and facility guidance in ward that you published conventionally and came to be able to use more practically this time.
 In addition, we distributed until now only at window of Tsuzuki Ward   government office, but distributed to all households in ward this time.
 Distribution at ward office reaches at the first-floor general information, the second-floor Family Registry Division window.

Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward convenience book cover
Corrections carried out after issuance are as follows.
  Old and new contrast list (as of September, 2015)

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  City of Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward  
  32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku
   Telephone: 045-948-2221 (Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section)  

  SCINEX metropolitan area sales department public and private sectors collaboration business promotion room
  5-3, Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kojimachi Nakata Building 7F
   Telephone: 03-3265-6545
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  SCINEX Yokohama Branch
  5-85, Chojamachi, Naka-ku Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. radio Japan Building 14F 
   Telephone: 045-271-5580

※Inquiry about placed administrative information would like inquiry about advertisement to SCINEX Yokohama Branch to Tsuzuki Ward   government office.
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