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Album of Tsuzuki Ward   town

Album (20 years old) of town

We make photograph which we owned in Public Relations Section rearranging, digital mainly and, with the Tsuzuki constituency system 15th anniversary, released part as "album of Tsuzuki Ward   15 years old town", but we publish photographs more as "album of Tsuzuki Ward   20 years old town" and introduce.

Album grows up with history of Tsuzuki including photograph understanding change of photograph and town at the time of ward birth, too. We are happy if you can enjoy to inhabitants of a ward widely.

 You have you click either of map of hope publishing as follows, the local name, category name so that you see each page, or please click index in the page left. Page changes.


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Around Nakagawa Station, Center-Kita Station Around Kita-Yamada Station, Higashi-Yamata Station Around Nakamachidai Station Around Center-Minami Station Around Daisan Keihin Expressway Kohoku interchange Around Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station, Kawawacho Station

Around Nakagawa Station, Center-Kita StationAround Kita-Yamada Station, Higashi-Yamata StationAround Center-Minami StationAround Nakamachidai StationAround Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station, Kawawacho StationAround Daisan Keihin Expressway Kohoku interchange

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Park, city parkBuddhist temple and Shinto shrineFacilityCreatureScenery

About the use

In individuals to all of use
 Photograph publishing in "album of town" is a part of the thing which digitized photograph owning in Tsuzuki Ward   Public Relations Section. When you use to enjoy in individuals, please use freely. In addition, you do not link to image directly, and you download, and please use.

To all of companies
 When photograph published in "album of town" is used, I would like notification until charge beforehand. All data in Tsuzuki Ward   site and the copyrights such as images belong to Tsuzuki-ku and Yokohama-shi. Without Tsuzuki Ward   and permission of Yokohama-shi, I decline conversion without permission, the second use firmly.
 In addition, please refer until charge when you want photograph which is not published in case and homepage where high-resolution image is hoped for more.


We publish link of site where photograph of Yokohama-shi is seen in.


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