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Tsuzuki Ward   guidebook

  • We show around features and charm, the highlight or facility of Tsuzuki Ward  .
    It is full of information to be useful for life in Tsuzuki Ward  .

Tsuzuki Ward   map information (guide map)

  • You can see map information of Tsuzuki Ward  .

Tsuzuki Ward   map information (guide map for GIS)

  • You can see map information (GIS version) of Tsuzuki Ward  .
    (another window will open)

Tsuzuki Ward   disaster prevention map

  • You can see map which we published evacuation shelter or evacuation area in ward in.
  • Map side(Portable Document Format 7,173KB)
  • Article side(Portable Document Format 1,738KB)

"Disaster prevention map (page of Yokohama-shi administration map reporting system), please conjugate Yokohama citizen earthquake disaster prevention information noisily", too.

Health promotion course map around city park and park

  • We introduce "health promotion course map around green walk (15 kilometers of total extension) which is attractive one of the Tsuzuki Ward   around beautiful city park and park of Tsuzuki".

Water and green charm walk map

  • We introduce map taking a walk through waterside and park, city park of Tsuzuki Ward  .

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