Making of 2017 Tsuzuki Ward   unit characteristics ward promotion costs budget that there is

With making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs, ward office is independent budget that they can also cope with quickly depending on local problem and needs.
We introduce "making of 2017 Tsuzuki Ward   unit characteristics ward promotion costs that there is" budget that Tsuzuki Ward   government office organized.

Generalization manual (Portable Document Format 271KB)

●Business plan
 Self planning operating cost (Portable Document Format 2,688KB) (support local imminent problem and needs quickly and carefully
  Operating cost to do)
 Administrative expense (Portable Document Format 887KB) (use of ward Government building and inhabitant of a ward expense to use for management administration, repair of providing equipment)
 Warming measures plus business (Portable Document Format 291KB) (promote approach of warming measures in ward office and area
  Operating cost to do)
 Ward environment city of the future promotion business (Portable Document Format 302KB) (suggest business that ward made use of local characteristic in environment
  Operating cost to promote city of the future plan)

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