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●Information for polling place

●Past turnout (we link to page of the city Electoral Management Committee)

Electoral list enrollment (March 2, 2017)


●Link (thing about other data and systems) about election

●It is ikotto for election! "ikotto"

 "ikotto" is lighthouse. It is election and democratic mascot lighting up tomorrow of port town, Yokohama brightly.
 We were made as mascot for enlightenment to make election one with friendly feeling in 1988 (Showa 63)."ikotto" of mascot


●About board of elections

 Board of elections of ward is set up to perform appropriate election office work and is comprised of four committees elected in municipal assembly and sub of the same number.
 Main office work that board of elections performs carries out office work about vote, the official counting of votes in preparation of electoral list and overseas electoral list and various election.
 In addition, we enlighten election to plan uplift of appeal and political awareness of vote participation for elector so that election is held justly.

         2016 Tsuzuki Ward   Electoral Management Committee held plan

       Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi board of elections meeting hearing summary

●About the Tsuzuki Ward   Electoral Management Committee minutes


●About reading of electoral list

 Reading of electoral list is accepted only for three points of next.

  • When elector confirms yes or no of registration of elector of the self-or same household
  • When candidate, political party, other political organizations do political activity or election campaign
  • When academic institutions such as country, local public entity or news media, university perform public opinion poll, academic investigation for public purpose

 Board of elections offers reading, and they are targeted for name, reading of person, and, by revision of the Public Officers Election Act, they will announce use objective summaries about at least one time, the reading situation of electoral list abridgment every year. The situation of electoral list abridgment reading of Tsuzuki Ward   is as follows.


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