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Statistics, investigation into Tsuzuki Ward  

PDF and link with mention provide statistics handbook or working papers of Tsuzuki Ward   with PDF file.

Acrobat Reader (free) is necessary so that you see PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Please download one that you do not have from Web site of Adobe company.

We link to web of statistics portal site * Yokohama-shi of Tsuzuki Ward  .

There are area, population of Tsuzuki Ward  , national census breaking news, living of inhabitant of a ward, security of living, childcare, education, industry, commerce, building, house, agriculture, park, green tract of land, other statistics data.

We link to web of index * Yokohama-shi according to town and village of Tsuzuki Ward  .

There is detailed document according to town by investigations such as population such as age distinction by enrollments such as Basic Resident Register, information of kind, house of area, population density, household by national census, office, company statistics, industry statistics, commerce statistics.

"We see by statistics last" Tsuzuki Ward   statistics handbook (PDF file)

    Past statistics handbook


Working papers

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