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Window information for second fourth Saturday open agency

 We carry out open agency of Saturday about some duties to plan service improvement toward many inhabitants of a ward whom ward office is not available to by work on weekdays.

Fourth Saturday every month second on conduct day from Saturday, May 12, 2007

●Window reception hours from 9:00 a.m. to the midday

●Handling duties

It is some windows (duties) to do open agency. As there are duties not to be possible of the handling, in the case of ignorance, please confirm beforehand at reference of each duty.

Main handling duties Reference
Report, koseki*shohon of family register
※It cannot deal with duties that confirmation such as permanent domicile is necessary for other wards, municipalities.
Family Registry Section
Telephone 045-948-2251
Notice of the change of address, notice of the change of address, copying, Seal Registration, certification of a seal impression of resident certificate
※It cannot deal with nationwide resident-registry network connection such as Basic Resident Register cards, electronic certificate duties.
Registration Section
Telephone 045-948-2255
Participation, withdrawal, payment of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance National Health Insurance Section
Telephone 045-948-2334
As for payment of national health insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance, infant, the single-parent, it is the medical expenses furtherance, latter-stage elderly medical insurance National Health Insurance Section
Telephone 045-948-2336
National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) first insured person qualification, address change
※Duties that confirmation is necessary for pension offices are excluded.
National Pension Plan Section
Telephone 045-948-2331
Child Allowance application reception desk Person in charge of child care office work
Telephone 045-948-2320
Grant of mother and child health handbook Child home support charge
Telephone 045-948-2318

To have you file smoothly (request)

 As for the plan, cooperation, please in transference to 1 suburb and change of abode in ward as follows.
   (1) Suburbs transference: We can report even before one month if we know transference or due date.
   (2) Moving in ward: Please send within 14 days from day of moving.
   (3) In the case of transference to city other wards, procedure at Tsuzuki Ward   government office is unnecessary.
      After transference, I would like notice of the change of address to ward office of the new address ground.
   (4) We add page of "the congestion situation of Saturday open agency day", and please see before coming over.

 Person needing certificates such as 2 resident certificate, Seal Registration Certificate can use service counter in the city hall.

■Service counter in the city hall ※We can take advantage of Saturday and Sunday, too.
※Holiday (we include on holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday.) is holiday.

Azamino Station
Service counter in the city hall
Tokyu Denentoshi Line Azamino Station yard telephone 045-903-8291 Guide map (PDF)
Shin-Yokohama Station
Service counter in the city hall
Subway Shin-Yokohama Station yard "station office" row telephone 045-475-1301 Guide map (PDF)
Hiyoshi Station
Service counter in the city hall
Telephone 045-565-0013 in Toukyu Toyoko Line Hiyoshi Station "lever plaza" Guide map (PDF)

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