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January 4, 2018

Company in Tsuzuki Ward   was visited inspection team from the Republic of Botswana

Inspection in FUJITSU formation Inspection in FUJITSU formation
Inspection in Hinode industry
Inspection in Hinode industry
Inspection in La La Port Yokohama
  • Company in Tsuzuki Ward   was visited inspection team from the Republic of Botswana 

     On December 7, there was visit of inspection team by 11 nkoroi ambassadors who worked for the cause of participation, company of the Republic of Botswana of Botswanan embassy.
     On the day we visited "Hinode industry" state that performed "FUJITSU formation" state and drainage processing medicine production sale in Ikebemachi, waste water treatment equipment plan, design, maintenance, quality of the water analysis, microorganism analysis that produced magnesium alloy, resin products of information and communication apparatus in Kawawa-cho. These both companies are companies which "last maid in, and participate in promotion business" (※) which Tsuzuki Ward   government office carries out.

     With "FUJITSU formation company" which we visited state, we observed process of manufacture of cover of note PC which was strong, and was very light using magnesium alloy first. We were consistent and produced die, molding, processing, the painting, processes until completion such as assembling and observed each process for approximately one hour.

     "Hinode industry company" which we visited next state had hospitality with homemade cake and tea associated with Africa until now while they accepted various places that visited Japan as intern, and the results were introduced by Africa as intern of "industry personnel training initiative for African youth" that JICA (incorporated administrative agency Japan International Cooperation Agency) hosted (ABE initiative less than African Business Education Initiative for the Youth /). It was one-hour tour of the plant and looked tired slightly, but your smile was seen in coffee time, and interchange bounded in atmosphere that softened still more.

     We observed your work place that supported facility including security office afterwards after asking "La La Port Yokohama" state, and having had you explain approaches of market expansion.
     As for all of inspection teams, shopping or meal seemed to be enjoyed afterwards.

     This inspection had past interchange of nkoroi ambassador and Tsuzuki Director General and realized.
     From participants of inspection team, we had comment, "all of each company worked, and it was with enthusiasm proudly there and was impressed with figure which talked about manufacturing hot".

     We appreciate your visiting all of you, Tsuzuki Ward   of inspection team.
     And, all of companies which accepted, thank you!

     Please speak in future as you want to accept inspection from foreign countries positively while having company-like cooperation.

     (※) Maid inn follows, and, about promotion business, please see this.

    [shooting, making] Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section telephone 045-948-2225 FAX045-948-2399

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