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November 7, 2018

"Connection rakugo" by Keio University rakugo society

Connection rakugo venue Willow bower revolt stupidity
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Sanyutei woman play
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  • "Connection rakugo" by Keio University rakugo society


    On Saturday, September 29, 2018, "connection rakugo" by Chigasakiminami MGCRS area interchange activity promotion meeting (under an alias: the making of connection) was held in place where we came, and stand had a meeting of maison wisteria. The meeting carries out activities such as cooking class of man, Paul walking, petit fashion classroom through the year that people living in Chigasakiminami MGCRS district are connected and plan cooperation of inhabitants phase each other and health promotion of elderly person. "Connection rakugo" to plan health promotion of inhabitants through "laughter" was started in 2014 and invited student of Keio University rakugo society for the first time this year.


     Keio University rakugo society is student group of historical university official recognition established in 1954 and is active in members approximately 30. It is made oral narration other than festival in Mita festival of Keio University, arrow in local nursing home, nursing facility, elementary school. Headquarters is Hiyoshi campus of Kohoku Ward adjacent to Tsuzuki Ward  .


     On the day it was arrived approximately 50 local all of you, and the meeting place was wrapped in heat before oral narration. After greetings from ward office or community care plaza, "willow bower revolt stupidity" (ryuteiranchi) appears. We were introduced to relationship (Tsuzuki Ward   native place, Kawawa graduation from high school) with your Tsuzuki Ward  , and rakugo began. Talk of conversation of parent and child around pocket money and chief bonze of a temple who pretended to know everything was shown expressively.

     It is "Shunputei appealing to women" (shumpuuteimekou) successively. Is done oral narration by pleasant chat of merchant in the Edo era concerning the exchanges and looking out for fire with good thief and landlord of person happily, the venue to whirlpool of laughter.

     Joy and sorrow of merchant who participated in drama of Edo was tempo that o was smart one after the other, and the third "Sanyutei woman play" (sanyuuteimeiyuu) was shown.


     After rakugo, we called about lesson of three comic storytellers. In addition to lesson with text of rakugo, we studied behavior of professional comic story teller in video site and seemed to repeat steady lesson. The area that utilized the Internet as the teaching materials of lesson felt that it seemed to be university student, but rakugo that three comic storytellers were shown brought "laughter" beyond generation in venue.

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