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July 11, 2018

We exhibited Rugby World Cup 2019™PR booth!

Rugby World Cup 2019™PR booth Rugby World Cup 2019™PR booth
Rugby World Cup 2019™PR booth
Rugby World Cup 2019™PR booth
Public viewing
  • We exhibited Rugby World Cup 2019™PR booth! 

     Public viewing of representative from representative from Japan (the world ranking eleventh place) vs. Georgia (the twelfth place) war was held at AEON CINEMA Corp. Kohoku new subdivision on the seventh floor of North Port mall in Tsuzuki Ward   to raise the time of Rugby World Cup 2019™ on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

     We displayed panel to introduce the history of the screening of video which Tsuzuki Ward   government office introduced approach to Rugby World Cup to in special event space on the fourth floor of North Port mall, rugby quiz and rugby to.

     Prior camping by British Olympics Paralympics representative teams such as swimming race or diving is performed in Yokohama international pool in Tsuzuki Ward  . We performed offer of sports volunteer course to hold in display and August of panel which we introduced the U.K. which was the rugby birthplace and connection with rugby to.

     Match Results were 28-0, and Japan won a clear-cut victory over Georgia partner.
     After game, special event space was filled with smile of family or friend and various places that we enjoyed by public viewing.

     Rugby World Cup is one of 3 great occasions along with the Olympics, soccer World Cup of the world, and final, associate final two games, seven games of pool round four games (※) in total are held at meeting in Japan in Yokohama in 2019.
    ※Game in group (pool) for final round advance

     In here Yokohama, fierce battle of international match and whole world attention in Japan is developed. Please expect!

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