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June 13, 2018

Ambassador Takeda of living-in-Botswana Japanese Embassy came and was done agency!

Ambassador Takeda and Director General 1 Pleasant chat
Ambassador Takeda and Director General 2
Chigasaki small display
The Ben trouble small

  • Ambassador Takeda of living-in-Botswana Japanese Embassy came and was done agency!


     Tsuzuki Ward   government office was visited, and, on Friday, June 1, 2018, Tsuzuki Ward   and Kozo Takeda ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the deep "Republic of Botswana" of friendship in southern Africa talked with Director General.


     In the case of "the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development that Tsuzuki and interchange of Botswana were held in Yokohama in 2008," it was opportunity that station and elementary school (Centerminami, Chigasaki Elementary School) in ward were in charge of the country in "one station alone exercise" and "one alone exercise".


     After that, through exchange of elementary school student picture, we continue programing exhibition of "Tsuzuki, Botswana interchange elementary school student painting exhibition" and Botswana Embassy booth that elementary school student of primary schoolchild in ward and Botswanan country deepens interchange to inhabitant of a ward festival, citizen interchange through the embassy including conduct of international understanding course.


     By this visit, there were topic of scheduled "the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development", story that, besides, we could expect participation in judo or the land until the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics of 2020 from topic and Botswana than Ambassador Takeda commencing with recent interchange circumstances next year in Yokohama.


     Participation of Botswanan team was settled to women's softball world championships held in Chiba this summer and talked about wanting to deepen interchange from sports page more.


     The peace and order were relatively good, too, and Botswana had story from ambassador if temperament of people was good. We hold world heritages of rock picture group "Tsodilo" in the Kalahari Desert having another name called the Louvre for world's largest inland delta "Okavango Delta" and desert, and sightseeing in safari zone where untouched nature remains a lot is quite popular.


     Toward the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development, we are going to hold event felt Africa close let alone Botswana in Tsuzuki Ward   one after another in future.


     We have means of transportation progress in venue by all means,

    Please touch Botswana and African attractive one end.

    [making, shooting] Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity telephone 045-948-2235 fax 045-948-2239

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