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March 6, 2018

NPO corporation of all of you and Tsuzuki Director General of growing held talk casually

State (NPO corporation with all of you of growing) of Director General talk We are active by slide and introduce
State (NPO corporation with all of you of growing) of Director General talk
State (NPO corporation all of you of growing) of Director General talk
State (NPO corporation all of you of growing) of Director General talk

  •  Of the 14th Tsuzuki Director General held talk casually 
    It is all of you and exchange of opinions ... of growing ... NPO corporation

     And Tsuzuki Director General of group, group moving into action in area mainly on Tsuzuki Ward   exchange opinions casually, and "talk is business that administration administration of future ward refers to casually of Tsuzuki Director General".

     We held on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 14th and this time to be and, with of "we bind NPO corporation together", exchanged opinions while asking about trouble of everyday activity or the future prospects.

     Of disaster support that is main by activity, the Great East Japan Earthquake to value "is with local contact, connection, end" for password in "tie thought that is warm in people who are warm in warm area" with "spirit and smile" through multi-generation interchange in "bind NPO corporation together" is active.

     By exchange of opinions, we asked about story that it was had trouble with security of activity place or the secret that continued being active.

     Greetings "that see you" promise to be connected next not lip service. That, from these words, activity spreads from thought to want to support affected areas, and take good care of relationship that met in that, and continue activity; felt that "bound together", and activity of was expressed.

     From hatake*kucho "was made verb to "link" group name, and "tying" felt that the making of relations with each group which was conscious of "is connected" was splendid. We told, we will still wrestle in "hometown being made" that I thought that inhabitants of a ward wanted to continue living in Tsuzuki Ward  .

     Finally, we took a picture and broke up. Thank you, everyone!

     ★It is activity guidance https://tsudukigakkou.jimdo.com/ of growing NPO corporation

     We hold "3.11 not to forget" as charity event and we invite guest from affected areas this year and are going to perform interchange with Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward until now! 

     In addition, detailed contents of this exchange of opinions introduce with the minutes to publish in Tsuzuki Ward   homepage.

     ★It is this about "talk back number casually of Tsuzuki Director General"
     http://translate-en.city.yokohama.lg.jp/tsuzuki/kusei/kouhou/koe.html# Director General talk

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