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October 6, 2017

Festival ... of "history of illustration Tsuzuki" publication play vent chrysanthemum festival - Chrysanthemum Festival

Story of five festivals by Director well Kamisoi Story of preparation of chrysanthemum festival by Yamane
Preparation of chrysanthemum festival
Story of chrysanthemum of Kawawa by Aizawa
Rice cooked with chestnuts

  • Festival ... of "history of illustration Tsuzuki" publication play vent chrysanthemum festival - Chrysanthemum Festival

     Festival of one year 5 degrees performed in the Edo era. It is called festival ... of chrysanthemum festival - Chrysanthemum Festival soon on September 9.

     Event of chrysanthemum festival was held as publication planned "history of illustration Tsuzuki" publication play Bent in Tsuzuki Minka-en for the sixth Tsuzuki, remains park, Minka-en art month and 2,019 years.

     System of five festivals was abolished in 1873, but colonizes as private event afterwards. Because "nine" that is extremity of lucky positive number (odd number) is piled up, one "chrysanthemum festival" of those is called festival of Chrysanthemum Festival. We ate rice cooked with chestnuts in farm village part in particular and seemed to pray for thanks and perfect state of health to autumn gain.

     On the day, from Masao Aizawa who was about "preparation of chrysanthemum festival" and area magazine researcher from Yamane Yumi who was hospitality researcher in story about "five festivals", cultivation of chrysanthemum was prosperous once and had story about "chrysanthemum of Kawawa" which won fame in the whole country from Director well Kamisoi of Yokohama-shi history Museum.

     In addition, we enjoyed gallery talk while eating rice cooked with chestnuts by cooperation of playing house of adult for Part 2.

     Chrysanthemum festival practiced from the Edo era was held in Tsuzuki Minka-en which transferred old family of Ushikubo-cho and was able to spend atmospheric time to change the four seasons in Japan, and to feel.

     Sponsorship: The NPO corporation Tsuzuki Minka-en management governing board
         Museum debut support project executive committee
     The cosponsorship: Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Yokohama-shi history Museum
     Cooperation: Playing house of adult

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