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March 14, 2017

"WOMEN `S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki"

Two people of panelist State of panel discussion
Interchange between participants

  •  We held "WOMEN `S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki" 

     On Friday, March 3, festival "WOMEN `S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki" for Tsuzuki Ward   first woman was held at Tsuzuki Ward   government office.

     Part 1 "let's listen! "I" who am serious style. Panel discussion by Shuko Sugimoto (Shuko) who produces "child care musical IKUMINS" in Tsuzuki Ward   not to lend Kitahara window sending area media "forest nooto" specialized in Eco in Aoba Ward to, and stages.
     We found style like "me" each, and story of two people who played an active part was able to have attractive words and hint of way of life a lot while being full of laughter.

     Part 2 is activity introduction panel session + exchange meeting. We were introduced by speech with talk that various activities full of individuality were fun in the Tsuzuki Ward   and neighborhood for panel display and two minutes by people after starting activity and swelled very much.
     In time for interchange between participants, we asked panel exhibitor a question and we found friend of the same thought and told, and talk did not run out until the end!

     Next "WOMEN `S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki" is going to hold in July! As you guide on public information and homepage, please expect.

    [making, shooting] Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity telephone 045-948-2238 FAX045-948-2239

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