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Information of town

List of information of town

Tsuzuki vegetables morning market

On 4 second Saturday, we hold morning market every month in Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis Government building.

Yokohama calendar Tsuzuki Ward   version

We can see information such as event, course to be carried out in each facility in ward with list. Other than facility in ward, you can see information of other facilities in the city, too.
(address changed from September, 2012.)

List of highlight of Tsuzuki Ward  

Do water and green not take a walk through much city park and parks?

※Offer of the flowering situation does not go in Tsuzuki Ward   government office, Tsuzuki engineering works office.


Album of Tsuzuki Ward   20 years old town

We make photograph which we owned in Public Relations Section rearranging, digital mainly and, with the Tsuzuki constituency system 15th anniversary, are released. We publish according to area including photograph understanding change of photograph and town at the time of ward birth.

Follow; interchange station

As form that developed more of "attractive expeditionary party (the update end: in last update October, 2004) of Tsuzuki" which inhabitant of a ward collaborates with Tsuzuki Ward   government office and made, inhabitant of a ward plans and is administration, homepage making.

Kohoku new subdivision parking lot guidance

"Kohoku new subdivision district parking lot guidance system" which provides position of parking lot or full empty information by car navigation, PC, cell-phone

Kohoku new subdivision parking lot guidance system (PC version) (link to outside site)

Culture dream studio of Tsuzuki

It is Tsuzuki culture artwork ground which inhabitant of a ward runs.

Follow; water and green charm PR business

We know water and green charm and we protect and will bring up.

Constitution of Kohoku new subdivision town

We introduce how old days of new subdivision were made what kind of thing you are doing to draw charm of town.


Yokohama photo studio of hill

Yokohama-shi northern part photograph archive is "Yokohama photo studio of hill" and releases photograph of Kohoku Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  , Midori Ward belonging to old Tsuzuki county. Tsuzuki library, Kohoku library, Midori Library make this photograph archive jointly.


Continuance youth editorial department

Youth reporter makes use of glance and power of child to the full and collects data on Yokohama and charm of Tsuzuki and writes article.


Collection of links Web town continuance

We publish site placing information of Tsuzuki Ward   and information about Tsuzuki Ward   including circle playing an active part in ward in.


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