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Page policy, how to use

About constitution of Tsuzuki Ward   homepage

 We pick up menu item that focused on real time-related high information coherent to life and, in top page, constitute in information in Tsuzuki Ward   site.

 Category ora of administrative information is plain and classifies and makes so that using this site is easy to look for necessary information.

Screen constitution 

 Top page is divided into three lines.



The left line

  1. In case anything happens: We link to information page from Yokohama-shi that is helpful at the time of sudden illness on disaster prevention, the night and holiday.
  2. Summary of Tsuzuki Ward  : We introduce summary and the history of Tsuzuki Ward  , greetings of Director General.
  3. Ward office guidance: We publish reference and window number of department in charge. At first person whom we want to send inquiry to ward office and opinion to look at "inquiry, suggestion". 
  4. Information of facility: It is link about list of facilities which inhabitants of a ward use.
  5. About Tsuzuki Ward   site: It is guide of our site.


Middle line

  1. What's New We can glance through page released newly in our site from new thing sequentially.
  2. What would you do at such time? : We can look for information in our site from life cycle.
  3. Information of living: We can look for information in conjunction with life according to field. English Contents is guidance page for foreigner living in ward.
  4. Administration of a ward information: We publish information that gave information to policy of ward, plan and approach of ward, statistics, investigation, news media.


The right line

  1. Photonews continues: We send seasonal information in state and Tsuzuki Ward   of business operation of Tsuzuki Ward   government office.
  2. Banner ad: It is advertising slot by all of company, companies of town of Yokohama-shi and neighborhood.
  3. Is helpful; tool: We introduce helpful production thing including map in ward. We can download Tsuzuki Ward   life convenience book, Tsuzuki Ward   guide map.
  4. Information of town: We introduce information about "town" of Tsuzuki Ward  . We publish in "collection of links" that attracted sites placing information about ward in led by circles playing an active part in ward.



  1. Site map It becomes list of contents of our site.
  2. Letter expansion, sound reading (we give General Affairs Bureau IT utilization promotion section)



  1. Banner ad: It is advertising slot by all of company, companies of town of Yokohama-shi and neighborhood.
  2. About page: It is introduction about constitution of page.


Making standard of contents

 We establish standard when we make Web page in Yokohama-shi in "Yokohama-shi Internet information tray dispatch guidelines" to consider so that necessary information reaches all the people that this site is used appropriately, and not to force to inconvenience.

 About the details, please see "making standard of detailed rules 1 Web page".

We come back on the page

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