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At Tsuzuki Ward   government office, it is located in ward, and "maid inn follows", and toshite publicizes product, technique of manufacturing company making rapid progress in original technique and supports market reclamation of company.
Please inflect for business of all of companies and interchange between companies.

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Maid inn follows and glances through company

You can see company born in Tsuzuki according to company name according to type of industry than (area distinction) or lower tab in map.

Maid inn follows and glances through company (35 2017 participant companies)

Type of industry

Company name
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Main technique, product


Apollo technical center

Exact press working, forming processing


Metalwork (car availability of traffic facilities parts)


We surface-treat aluminum


General alumite processing, hard alumite processing


Exact processing


Exact sheet metal processing and the painting, silk printing

First painting industry

The metal product painting

Jo from Nissei

Various exact spring production, wire forming processing

Hiroshi cedar spirit machine

Is fast, is certain simply, internal thread reinforcement is irisato

Mikawa spirit machine

Exact processing

Mountain star mill

Exact sheet metal processing


kokusenkako, curve correction

Electricity, electron

Alto industry

Electronic circuit board

Core electronic system

Specialized tool for surveillance camera, the plumbing

shinkoshashin service

Printed circuit board, metal etching product production sale

Three high

Made-to-order silicon rubber heater

Mountain village photo meat

Glass parts for electricity, electronic equipment


Electronic equipment which includes group

Machine (device, tool)

Japanese diamond

Grind cutting using diamond, polishing tool


Temporary lift, simple lift, construction materials landing machine

Watanabe vacuum

Repair, maintenance of vacuum pump

Chemistry, plastic


CFRP (tip composite material)

Glory formation

Super precisely plastic molding processing 

Volost mill

We support all about composite material such as carbon fibers

Coat technical center

UV coating system

First form

Firing styrene processing

P M you

It is Mike for improving and communication machine molding Weld strength

FUJITSU formation

Magnesium alloy, resin product


Hinode industry

Drainage processing system, microbiologic agent

Paper-products processing, print


Great happiness paper processing

Corrugated cardboard product

Good friend print

Design, print, binding, shipment



Omission prevention parts of plug


Exercise goods for health maintenance using foot 

Sugimoto industry

Do not turn; nut of the conclusion, anion generator



[it lasts maid in company introduction video]
When this company introduction video lasted maid in, and "it exhibited booth" in technical show Yokohama 2018 (from 7 to 9 on February in 2018), we broadcasted.

Small manufacturing industry introduction booklet downloading (Portable Document Format) during maid in continuance

Economic measure of Yokohama-shi

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