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We follow

Image character "follow"



We follow, and interchange station is local information website collecting data on information of Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi in viewpoint of inhabitant of a ward.

Handmade homepage "attractive expeditionary party of Tsuzuki" by ward inhabitant volunteer has been produced in official homepage of Tsuzuki Ward   government office from 2002. Site, it which began in form to move the secretariat administration in ward inhabitant from ward (administration) newly continue, and "they are interchange stations".

We conclude agreement with Tsuzuki Ward   government office and it is driven by inhabitant of a ward and makes website as agreement business with ward office now.

Reporter editorial department, production team, inhabitant of a ward (from primary schoolchild to senior generation approximately 30 present) appears in town of Tsuzuki and produces coverage happily and sends.


Introduction contents  

We follow and prepare for various contents in interchange station and send local information. 


●We follow and visit "person"
 We introduce "person" of Tsuzuki in relay form.
●Local company, facility visit
 We visit company in Tsuzuki Ward   and introduce. We collect data on the contents and facility of company which we cannot usually see.
●Local action introduction
 We introduce volunteer, circle moving into action in area.
●Reporter inhabitant of a ward goes
 We report on place where reporter inhabitant of a ward wants to go each and report.


In addition, we send scenery or event information of Tsuzuki.


Follow; Ayumi of interchange station

2002 "Attractive expeditionary party (the H16 age update end) of Tsuzuki" starts from inhabitant of a ward handicraft homepage that inhabitant of a ward collaborates with Tsuzuki Ward   government office and made.
2004 "We follow and, as form that developed more of attractive expeditionary party of Tsuzuki, open interchange station"
2004 Recruitment of reporter inhabitant of a ward
2005 Homepage course, full-scale start including exchange meeting
Recruitment of characters, "we follow" are decided by image character
2006 We support Tsuzuki brand society support, Tsuzuki brand
2007 We leave ward office assistance business from April, and self-rule by inhabitant of a ward volunteer starts


It recruits reporter inhabitant of a ward

We report with reporter senior while exchanging information, and gusset recruits "inhabitant of a ward reporters" reporting topic and scenery that we found.
Please inform of one with interest by email.


Contact information → info_tsuzuki@freeml .com

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