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Let's eat! Tsuzuki vegetables

Of living environment which image as residential area is strong Tsuzuki Ward  , but is good large amount of farmland is protected to become immediate, and, as for the farmhouse number of houses, as for the first place (479), farmland area, even the second place (222ha) and the city are prosperous wards of eminent agriculture in 18 wards of Yokohama-shi.

Therefore, in Tsuzuki Ward  , we wrestle for promotion of local production for local consumption as "Tsuzuki vegetables" with local fresh, delicious vegetables and ingredients such as fruit, egg.

To detailed page distributing local production for local consumption PR tool to

We made PR tool (sticker leaflet) which person whom person who brought up Tsuzuki vegetables employed could use for person that there was many who supported Tsuzuki vegetables. "We have! Please emphasize message of Tsuzuki vegetables more and more.

To Tsuzuki vegetables direct sale place map details page

We made "Tsuzuki vegetables direct sale place map" to have many people know Tsuzuki vegetables more. We introduce farm products direct sale place in ward selling produced vegetables, fruit, eggs in Tsuzuki Ward  .

To Tsuzuki vegetables Marchais set details page

"We have! In direct sale and event in ward, we lend Tsuzuki vegetables Marchais set to one that can cooperate with notice of upbound flag to widen approach of Tsuzuki vegetables in throughout the ward.

To detailed page introducing store in ward handling Tsuzuki vegetables to

We divide Tsuzuki vegetables into "" place that we can eat, "" place to be able to buy and easily introduce office which had you approve of local production for local consumption business of Tsuzuki Ward  .

To detailed page holding "Tsuzuki vegetables morning market" regularly

"We see face can talk" and are chance that we can purchase with delicious Tsuzuki vegetables which farming family brought up. We hold every month on Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis Government building parking lot side on second fourth Saturday.

Last maid in; to report details page

We publish interview toward the farmhouse full of charm to have you know agriculture of Tsuzuki Ward   not to know unexpectedly while being immediate, and to increase cheering parties of farm products brought up in Tsuzuki Ward  .

To senior comfort farm details page

Targeting at inhabitants of a ward 60 years or older, it is business for the purpose of the making of making of friend through farming, purpose of life. We take part in maintenance of farmland which is not well-kept.

To healthy structure details page through meal

Quantity of vegetables which we want to have per day is 350 g to keep healthy health well. We acquire custom to fully eat various vegetables since childhood and are page of publication about Tsuzuki vegetables including health information to live a life full of life forever and Tsuzuki vegetables recipes (in the case of adult).

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