No. 15 29 started, and two months passed

Hello! It is Director General

29 started, and two months passed

Friday, June 23, 2017

 2017 started, and two months passed.
 On May 12, we announced Tsuzuki Ward   administration policy that we fixed aim and measure that Tsuzuki Ward   worked on for one year for this year.
 Basic sign this year should have been "making of hometown ... with town development - breath breath, turnout, connection to be connected in the future". We wrestle secondary to support to child, child care and push forward the making of relief, safe hometown where elderly person can play an active part lively.
 In addition, we wrestle in business in mind by the "making of connection" "made with person" "making of charm" while making use of charm only by Tsuzuki Ward  .

■From here, we will look back about main event of March.

■We performed "talk with all of you of (Thu) dementia & prevention cafe "break-even Centerminami" casually of Director General" on 2nd.
 We made open to the sixth in ward as dementia & prevention cafe and, in June, 2016, exchanged opinions with administration committees of "break-even Centerminami" mainly on conventional activity contents or thought for the future. There was not place that could gather casually while a lot of elderly people lived, and what thought, "we mend in oneself" there asked administration committees about story with opportunity. "It is break-even" of name is tap at door. We seemed to put thought whether was not about to go out. We felt quality of Tsuzuki Ward   for active approach of all of you and recognized importance of "place" where all of you could gather some other time
 ◆The held situation of dementia & prevention cafe "break-even Centerminami"◆
 The date and time: Every month fourth Thursday from 14:00 to 16:00 (no appointment necessary)
 Meeting place: 56-9, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku good thyme living Centerminami the first floor "salon primrose"
 Entrance fee: 300 yen/time

■We held (Fri) WOMEN'S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki on 3rd.
 We held festival "WOMEN'S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki" for woman that it was the first among the ward at ward office.
 When Part 1 does not lend Kitahara window; panel discussion by Shuko Sugimoto (learn come). We had you introduce attractive words and hint of way of life from two people who played an active part in style like "oneself".
 Part 2 is activity introduction panel session and exchange meeting. Panel display and two minutes speech by all of you who were active in the ward and neighborhood, and started. Various activities full of individuality were introduced and swelled very much. By interchange between participants, it became place that found friend of the same thought.
 We are going to hold in (Tue) for from Thursday, July 20 to 25th on the next time. Person with interest, please participate.
 For more information, look here. html 
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■We attended at (Fri) Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations long longtime employee commendation ceremony on 3rd.
 In Yokohama-shi, it commends from the Mayor of Yokohama to all of you that degree, the Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations head are acted as for many years every year. From Tsuzuki Ward  , Chairperson Toshiaki Nakayama (20 years), Chairperson Takeshi Koizumi (15 years), three people of Chairperson Osamu Kaneko (ten years) were commended this time. At the same time, we celebrated with all of ward commendation of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations long five years. For many years, thank you very much for effort including local activity.
 Target person who is commended by the Mayor of Yokohama
 "Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations long (including the district alliance Neighborhood Associations head) holding the post ten years person who reaches" (carve for five years) and
 "One that the holding the post number of years only for the alliance Neighborhood Associations head achieves in (we carve for ten years) in same year degree more than ten years"
 The front row is Chairperson Nakayama, Chairperson Koizumi, Chairperson Kaneko
 The back row is Chairperson Nihei of commendation, Chairperson Shimazaki, Chairperson Nakano, Chairperson Sato for five years

■We saw (Sat) 22nd rebirth protection bazaar on 4th.
 Including holding of preparations, the day of bazaar thank you. Sales of bazaars such as contribution product, prison correction product, Tsuzuki vegetables which had you approach are spent for future rebirth protection business. To many of you, thank you for having you cooperate arrival.

■We attended at (Sun) 23rd Tsuzuki contact health marathon event on 5th.
 In city park around Kuzugaya Park and the park, we held Tsuzuki contact health marathon event. From first grader to person in the 70s, we think that it was run while many runners enjoy city park. It was hit progress of the meeting place construction and meeting, the roadside guard, and, from early morning, sports promotion committee and track-and-field association, young people instructor, child society, junior high student beginning-related were able to finish meeting safely. Thank you for having you make an effort for meeting holding.

■We attended at ground golf meet that it was hosted by association of (Sat) Tsuzuki Ward   ground golf on 11th.
 We follow rule manner etiquette that is sports mind and enjoy ground golf as sports with healthy increase throughout the life and plan the friendship, and, in association of Tsuzuki Ward   ground golf, it is active for the purpose of contributing to activation of community to inhabitants of a ward. It was held this time in east park, and many of you participated.

■We carried out people unable to return home measures training in (Sat) Nakamachidai district center on 11th.
 Six years passed from outbreak of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We carried out people unable to return home measures training in Nakamachidai district center appointed in "people unable to return home 1:00 stay facility" to cope with people unable to return home that it was anticipated that it occurred at the time of large-scale earthquake occurrence a lot in Tsuzuki Ward  .
 In Part 1, we invited Professor Kato of Defense Academy public policy subject as lecturer and had lecture about "cooperation between human behavior and organizations at the time of disaster". In addition, in Part 2, participant was divided into the part of people unable to return home and the part of staff of temporary stay facility and inspected about instruction method of people unable to return home and correspondence methods from people unable to return home to various requests and questions to appear. I would like self support, community support sequentially and, in cooperation with all of various related organizations and companies, will raise power of disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage through training.

■We participated in (Sat) "wide Hamakita Line walk & run" on 11th.
In addition, we attended at (Sat) Highway Kanagawa 7 Yokohama north line (K7) opening memory ceremony on 18th.

 Wide Hamakita line (the wide feather line - Daisan Keihin Expressway) was finally opened at 4:00 on the afternoon of Saturday, March 18.
 As memory event ahead of opening, wide Hamakita Tunnel "wide Hamakita line walk & orchid" by Metropolitan expressway was held in (Sun) on (Sat) and 12th on 11th, and I participated in walk of (Sat) on 11th. We were able to walk "Shin-Yokohama entrance" that passed by car after opening only on this day. Event was full of many families.
 In addition, on 18th of opening day, commemorative ceremony was held in wide Hamakita Tunnel (Kohoku Ward) and attended.
 We shorten each conventionally for approximately ten minutes, and, by opening, convenience improves from Shin-Yokohama to Haneda Airport, Yokohama Port. We expect city economy activation including efficiency of distribution and commercial facilities pulling in customers increase around the northern part of Yokohama very much. As Yokohama ringed northwest line linking the Tomei Expressway (Yokohama green leaves interchange) from the Daisan Keihin Expressway (Kohoku junction) is under construction, in Tsuzuki Ward  , it is expecting development of further regional economy by opening for the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics of 2020.
 In addition, getting on and off ridekimasennode, please be careful about Yokohama Kohoku JCT until Yokohama ringed northwest line is completed.

■We enshrined (Sun) ninth plaza on 12th and observed "... for ... gentleness and impression".
 We follow, and MY plaza is base of international exchange and young people activity with foreigner and Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward living in Japan and place where it is. We learn culture of each country, and "plaza festival" to be carried out here is held as international exchange event that we can experience every year. Other than Asian Development Bank annual meeting (ADB)-related plan held in Yokohama in May, performance of Chinese gourd flute or dressing experience announcement of kimono were held on stage, and meeting place was full of many people this year. In addition, person from various countries including all of JICA visited Japan in the training by Botswana participated in event and became event that international atmosphere was rich in.
 Asian Development Bank (ADB: Asian Development Bank) promotes economic growth in Asia-Pacific region and economic cooperation and is developing member nation, international development financial institution for the purpose of contributing to local economic development. Annual meeting equal to the 50th was started on May 4 of this year in Yokohama until 7th.

■We participated in association of (Sun) capital field Neighborhood Associations ground golf meeting on 12th.
 Association of capital field Neighborhood Associations hosts in association of capital field Neighborhood Associations every year in March and carries out ground golf meeting. Many teams and many of you participated, and game with individual, group was carried out this year. As for everybody lived in the same area, interchange and the friendship of aspect each other deepened, and happy 1st was spent.

■We observed "park dodge ball exchange meeting" of (Mon) Yokohama City nursery school event on 13th.
 Yokohama City nursery school 5 garden plays a key role and, in Tsuzuki Ward  , holds dodge ball exchange meeting as interchange plan of 5 years old child class every year. Private nursery school participates in this exchange meeting and becomes pleasant place of exchange of children. In the dodge ball exchange meeting only for this year municipal nursery school 5 garden of Chigasakiminami oyster came, and held in park. All of meetings acted as in administration and plan thank you.

■We concluded (Mon) Yokohama B col Thayer's, association of Tsuzuki Ward   Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association, "basic agreement about hometown activity" by Tsuzuki Ward   on 13th.
 We concluded Yokohama B col Thayer's (the following, B col), association of Tsuzuki Ward   Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association, "basic agreement about cooperation of hometown activity" by three persons of Tsuzuki Ward  . In the B col that based on Tsuzuki Ward  , various local contribution activities have been carried out until now. We will plan reinforcement and continuation of more regional cooperation by concluding basic agreement between three persons this time. For inhabitants of a ward, B col is felt closer, and power of support of all of you wants to make good circulation to be connected for B col victory again.
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◆When he/she knows B col in detail, please see official site

■We performed discussion meeting with (Wed) person with a disability group communication meeting on 15th.
 We exchange opinions with person with a disability group in ward and supporter groups of "Tsuzuki Ward   person with a disability group communication meeting" that is communication organization every year. We received various valuable opinions this year. In addition, we did offers of disaster prevention information.

■It lasted Monday on 18th and held connection college ("community development college" of collaboration Tsuzuki Ward   version) graduation ceremony.
 Perform personnel excavation and upbringing, support of local leading figure who founded a school for the first time in 2016; "continued, and was connected, and performed graduation ceremony of college". It was held all eight times, and connection college was contents about "the local making of community" and "process of town development" while inviting Mr. guest. In 29, all of you graduated from perform the practical training in area; "follow, and is connected, and hold college" second stage. We expect achievement in future area very much.
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■The ceremony of start of (Sat) 33rd urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country was held on 25th.
 We held opening event of "the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair" in Tsuzuki Ward   at Kohoku Tokyu shopping center. We had all of flower and green that activity had been practiced gather in ballet & music mini-stage and area by CYGNET and Tsuzuki girl chorus and had you talk about approach contents or thought of town development of Tsuzuki Ward  . We thank cooperation of the person concerned that flower and green approach have been practiced for a long time in area some other time until now.
 It became end with early thing on Sunday, June 4. We had many inhabitants of a ward arrive for yokohama fair. Thank you very much. In addition, we had cooperation to group, many of you including companies including local for "a lot of Tsuzuki Ward   flowers exercise" that planned expansion, development taking advantage of fair holding and had you heap up. We thank again. We open "a lot of Tsuzuki Ward   flowers exercise" to bring up flower and green still more and want to succeed well in the next generation.
 In Tsuzuki Ward  , we carried out talk show by in young generation concerned with flower or tree planting as place of way of middle return marks of "a lot of Tsuzuki Ward   flowers exercise" on Sunday, June 4 in Tsuzuki Minka-en. Thank you.

■We attended at ceremony of huge shield machine departure to dig tunnel part of (Mon) Yokohama belt line northwest line on 27th.
 In departure Tachikui yard in Kitahassakucho, Midori-ku, ceremony was held. Approximately 12.6m outside diameter, two shield machines of approximately 2,000t in weight are maximum for thing used so far in Yokohama-shi.
 When departure button was pushed, huge excavator began to work calmly and became start. We dig approximately 3.9km of Higashigatacho, Tsuzuki-ku approximately 16m a day in shield tunneling to minimize influence to ground from Kitahassakucho, Midori-ku. Like wide Hamakita line opened the other day, opening of northwest line is a pleasure very.

■We concluded agreement between (Tue) Tohel at disaster on 28th.
 In Tsuzuki Ward  , we concluded agreement of contents which had you provide necessary supplies such as LP gas or drinking water which the company held with precedence at the time of large-scale disaster occurrence between Tohel (Kohoku Ward). This agreement becomes the fourth ward next to Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, Aoba Ward (the same day conclusion). We perform conveyance of supplies to evacuation shelter by vehicle which the company holds and will have cooperation to keep security of inhabitants of a ward. We cannot miss cooperation of local all of you as "self support, community support" at the time of disaster, but system reinforcement appreciates what was able to conclude need and such an agreement that can push forward anti-disaster measures in cooperation with the company where there are many results of disaster support while we think about part of "government support" which we ward offices take at the same time very much.

■We installed introduction panel in fresco of (Tue) Center-Kita Station newly on 28th.
 Two pieces of frescos displayed in the Center-Kita Station yard memorialized "the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development" (TICAD IV) Yokohama holding in 2008, and they were given as proof of friendship, the friendship by the African "Republic of Angola". We continue interchanging sequentially afterwards. We installed introduction panel before Angola fresco on Center-Kita Station the first floor that was symbol of past interchange newly to heap up mood for Yokohama invitation (decided on June 16.) of planned "the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development" (TICAD VII) more in 2019. When you visited Center-Kita Station, you pay attention, and please see. (following last year, we went for African festival carried out in Akarengasoko and were able to talk with person of embassy in Angolan booth.)

 Kanto Koshin district becomes setting-in of the rainy season from June 7 and reaches the flood period.
 As want to participate in local various events sequentially; thank you for your cooperation.

June 23, 2017
Tsuzuki Ward   Nagahata Kenichi Sawa

Director General

 It is field Kenichi Sawa of Tsuzuki Director General.
 On this homepage, we convey what I felt.
 Thank you for your cooperation.