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[spring moving season] Family Registry Division window is crowded very much for from March to April!

 As Seal Registration-related window is crowded at all, and address transfer may have to wait by reception desk for several hours because moving people increase in March, April, we hope that we come over with room at time.
 When person moved into has my number card (personal number card), notice card, Basic Resident Register card, residence card, please bring. As password is necessary for my number card, Basic Resident Register card, please confirm beforehand. 
  Day when congestion in particular is expected
  • Tuesday, March 21, Saturday, March 25, from Monday, March 27 to Friday, March 31, Monday, April 3
   ※When ward office parking lot is over a given period of time, it becomes charged.
   ※As parking lot is crowded very much, come by public means of transportation.

 ◆So that report of transference and report of Seal Registration hasten

  • We can accept report of transference to the suburbs since before due date. I would like procedure as soon as possible.
  • In the case of moving in Yokohama-shi, procedure of transference is unnecessary. At ward office of the new address, please file within 14 days after moving.
  • We move, and procedures such as Seal Registration except connection avoid congestion time and hope that we come over with margin at time.

  ◆Issuance only for certificate


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