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[resident registration, Seal Registration] The congestion situation of Saturday open agency day

About Saturday open agency day

 Open agency does Family Registry Division Registration Section (the twelfth window) from 9:00 a.m. of second fourth Saturday to noon.

 All the staff cooperate and work not to keep waiting for short open agency time, but time to need in procedure than weekdays when window is crowded with concentration of report cannot but get longer.

 Therefore we are really grateful for visitor, but hope that we have the next agency after agreement about the following points.


★About waiting time

 Report centers from half past 10 a.m. to noon, and window is crowded very much. Depending on the congestion situation, you may have to wait from to reception desk or reception desk to handing over regardless of contents of report for a long time. Come with a space beforehand at time.


 Visitor only for request of certificates such as copying of resident certificate, private seal certificate, please use service counter in the city hall which open agency does on Saturday, Sunday. We issue certificate for a longer time than reception desk at window without keeping waiting.

 The nearest service counter in the city hall of our ward is Azamino Station, Shin-Yokohama Station, Hiyoshi Station, Nagatsuta Station.

 As there is service counter in the city hall in 13 places of cities, please use. (page of Civic Affairs Bureau)


★Duties that I take

 When we cannot handle when we do not inquire of other municipalities or schools about the following duties, we may take custody or correspondence such as asking for second coming agency later.

 About documents necessary for each notice and request, please give me the next agency after confirmation beforehand.

・Notice of the change of address from foreign countries

 (we live in the former city making overseas transference and, in the case of city, permanent domicile is in some exceptions such as possibilities)

・When you do not have required documents and inquire of schools in procedure of college register office work

・When we take out report of family register in municipality of the suburbs, and it is necessary to confirm contents of report (when you have acceptance certificate, we can accept)


★Duties to handle, and not to be possible

・When global grants of resident certificate need inquiry in other municipalities


 In addition, we handle by contents of the congestion situation and item of window, and, as well as the above, there may not be about some college registers office work or house indication application. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

 ※When we come, we add page of "window information for second fourth Saturday open agency", and please see.
  (we list about main handling duties except family register relations.)

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