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Let's do outside play!

About the outside play caravan corps holding situation


October 16 update
Play caravan corps assumes only today's chestnut cancellation outside in park by rainy day.
In addition, we wait for next participation.

October 13 update
Play caravan corps assumes cancellation outside in today's ginkgo park by rainy day.
In addition, we wait for next participation.

April 19 update
Schedule of outside play caravan corps 29 was fixed!
Specifically, please confirm this.

Park is full of Tsuzuki Ward  . Let's go to park together together!

... which is comfortable when we go to park

Child is delighted if we go out! ... which is pleasant just to feel wind on the run!
If child smiles, smile should increase to both daddy and mom naturally.
If even baby goes out, we can switch feeling.
saa will go out if irritated slowly in house!

Let's do outside play! Image 1
Experience direct than smartphone!

Mind and body are connected by experiencing using Gokan.
"Tree is rough" "wind is comfortable"
Mind and body grow up rapidly by experiencing directly.
We go out since the days of baby steadily, and let's bring up motivation and concentration of child!
Let's do outside play! Image 2


Let's have a throbbing experience with "o!"

Heart beats fast when we find interesting thing.
Line ... ... of ant that muddy play in sandbox, naga - ku lengthened on wood leak day of dazzling
nadonado, a lot of things interesting outside.
"Power to find out interesting thing by oneself" grows if we work as a lot of throbbing experiences!
Let's do outside play! Image 3


We communicate with other children and acquire social nature, too

As for a lot of opportunities when we wait for turn of slide and swing and borrow and loan scoop and communicate with other children.
We can learn rule of group before entering kindergarten.
Let's do outside play! Image 4


Master of play outside in the outside play caravan corps.
As for play or the playing in the water muddy let alone how to use playground equipment,
He/she initiates into how to play only in the outside.
Anything will hear outside play.
Please come to play in clothes which may become dirty.

Q. Who can participate?
A. Children from child who can do one stability and high high to shuenzen can participate.

Q. What should we take?
A. If there are sandbox goods in house, bring!
  If there are spoon of detergent for shopping bag and washing, pudding cup, bring.
  In addition, bring drink to be able to drink water after having played happily!
Let's do outside play! Image 6
Q. What kind of clothes should we go in?
A. Clothes (daddy and mom, too!) which may become dirty
  Clothes such as filler may be hard to contain sand.
  We sweat, and there should be change of clothes as we become dirty.
Let's do outside play! Image 7

Schedule: As we are published in the following linked handbill, please see.
Time: From 10:30 a.m. to the midday
Rainy weather stormy weather is canceled. In the case of cloudy sky and gentle rain, we will tell in Tsuzuki Ward   HP at about 9:30 a.m.


Let's play in park! Handbill (for print) PDF data are this

Reference: Child home support charge tel 045-948-2318 fax 045-948-2309
Sponsorship: Tsuzuki Ward   government office Children and Families Support Division
Cooperation: Perfectly round play park, NPO corporation ringurinku

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