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Recruitment of post of nursing parttimers

It recruits post of nursing parttimers

 Job specifications infants medical examination
 Several offer staff
Application requirements nurse, health nurse, healthy  obstetrical teacher having either license 55 years or younger
       Person who can work for 3-6 days a month
 Working hours from 12:00 to 16:00
 We adjust in March, 2020 from April, 2019 for term
 Wage 5,872 yen
       We pay the transportation expenses actual expenses separately

 ※  For details, please refer at the following.


Tsuzuki Ward   Health and Welfare Center child home support charge (the second floor of the Tsuzuki Ward   government office 24th window)
Telephone 045-948-2318
Charge Morita, Harada, Shibata

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