What is play to stimulate child care lecture - Gokan? We hold ... There is childcare.

 It has very good effect on brain we use Gokan to the full, and to enjoy nature. Element to raise "power of brain" is "play". Above all, growth of child cannot miss "outside play". What is play to promote the development? Should we begin outside play with 0 years old child? Though it is cold and does not want to appear outside, we want to hear play to stimulate Gokan. You stimulate Gokan together, and do you not hear story of play?
All gather!

■With contents child care lecture "outside play for child"  
      Lecturer Hideaki Amano (association made with non profit organization Japan play park)
      Flyer is this → Flyer (PDF 334KB)

■From date and time Thursday, February 1, 2018 10:00 half past 11 (the 9:45 opening)

■One, parent and child who are interested in outside play who are interested in play excluding  
■100 capacity first arrival (prior application system)

■Entrance fee for free

■The sixth floor of place Tsuzuki Ward   government office large meeting room

■We accept as soon as we reach capacity on the deadline and are finished

■Application method Wednesday, January 10, 2018 9:00 - acceptance start (we accept as soon as we reach first-come-first-served basis capacity and are finished) 
               Please let know the following contents with telephone or electronic application application form.
          ・ Full name, phone number  
        [in the case of childcare hope] Childcare is mashita in having reached capacity (because the childcare number of people is limited first-come-first-served basis) on the deadline.
          ・Age of the name, child of address, child
※When child one year or older is accompanied by, we can propose childcare. It becomes another room childcare. Apply for those whom you wish to raise on the telephone. First-come-first-served basis reservation required that there is childcare capacity in
※As for the child younger than one year, protector, please hear story by hug.

Application, reference Tsuzuki Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division child home support charge
 TEL 948-2318 for application form smartphone