To one where the use such as nursery schools is hoped for in 2018

Person that the use such as nursery schools is hoped for in 2018, please apply for "usage guidances such as 2018 Yokohama-shi nursery schools" after checking "bookmarks of the use such as 2018 nursery schools for Tsuzuki Ward  ".

(1) Styles such as usage guidance, application toward the use applicant are as follows in 2018.

Distribution place: Ward office, child care support center Popola (popora)
※ Downloading is possible from Tsuzuki Ward   homepage

■ Usage guidance, required documents

* "Usage guidances such as Yokohama-shi nursery schools in 2018" (Portable Document Format: 2106KB)
* "Bookmarks of the use such as nursery schools in 2018 for Tsuzuki Ward  " (Portable Document Format: 305KB)
* "List of Tsuzuki Ward   child-care facility, kindergartens" (Portable Document Format: 1734KB)

◎ Required documents
Presentation documents confirmation vote (Portable Document Format: 3123KB)
Child, child care support system supply authorization application (for 2.3) (Portable Document Format: 409KB)
Use of child, child care support system application (for 2.3) (Portable Document Format: 393KB)
Petition for 2, 3 authorization reason, time schedule (Portable Document Format: 193KB)
Employment certificate (Portable Document Format: 250KB)
Working report (Portable Document Format: 230KB)
About presentation of my number

(2) Application schedule, the use possibility number of people when entrance is hoped for after May, 2018 is as follows.

 ■Application schedule [the use after May, 2018]
Use start month Application reception desk period Use start month Application reception desk period Use start month Application reception desk period
May, 30 Monday, March 12 ...
Tuesday, April 10
September, 30 Wednesday, July 11 ...
Friday, August 10
January, 31 Monday, November 12 ...
Monday, December 10
June, 30 Wednesday, April 11 ...
Thursday, May 10
October, 30 Monday, August 13 ...
Monday, September 10
February, 31 Tuesday, December 11 ...
Thursday, January 10
July, 30 Friday, May 11 ...
Friday, June 8
November, 30 Tuesday, September 11 ...
Wednesday, October 10
March, 31 Friday, January 11 ...
Friday, February 8
August, 30 Monday, June 11 ...
Tuesday, July 10
December, 30 Thursday, October 11 ...
Friday, November 9

※ Offer of entrance was finished in April, 30.

■ Application (we accept at mail and window.)

 Tsuzuki Ward   Children and Families Support Division childcare administration charge (the second floor of the Tsuzuki Ward   government office)
 32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
  ※ In the case of mail, you attach 92-yen stamp on self-addressed envelope, and please enclose.
  ※ Please apply to ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward to live.

 ■ The available number of people [February, 2019] (as for Portable Document Format this: 104KB)

(3) About person acquiring child care reduced working hours

 When working hours are shortened by child care reduced working hours, from use adjustment that the use requires in April, 2018, we judge rank by (working hours in labor contract) at time before shortening. But, as a general rule, we judge by the latest working results even if we shorten working hours about the working days when there is not decrease of the days by child care reduced working hours.
  About how to write employment certificate, please confirm with the entry point (the employment certificate back side) after the employment certificate distribution start.

※  Rank judgment: Judgment to affect priority of use adjustment

○ You can confirm about various styles necessary for other authorized changes from this page (City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau page).