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The thirteenth holds "talk casually of Tsuzuki Director General"!

December 18, 2017
Reiko out of Tsuzuki Ward   Ward Administration Promotion Division Osada
Telephone 045-948-2220


 With "casually talk of Tsuzuki Director General" and Tsuzuki Director General of group, group moving into action in area mainly on Tsuzuki Ward  
We exchange opinions casually and are business taking into account of future administration of a ward administration.

 As for Hama road supporter, local everybody and Yokohama-shi are purposes in doing, and protecting familiar road, and bringing up collaboration (cooperation)
It is system that we made this. Road which 44 groups register in Tsuzuki Ward   as of the end of November, 2017, and is imminent as volunteer activity
We perform cleaning or beautification activity of this.
In hatake*tochikukucho, it is active as Hama road supporter this time around 2, Higashiyamata, Tsuzuki-ku - 4
We visit all of Misato Bridge circles and exchange opinions while asking about thought on everyday trouble and worth doing, activity.

◆Held summary

[the date and time] Friday, December 22 from 14:30 to 15:30

[venue] 4, Higashiyamata Neighborhood Associations building
※Prior to exchange of opinions in hall in the town block, we call at activity places of the neighborhood of Misato bridge

[group exchanging opinions] All of you of "Misato Bridge circle"

◆Press release documents◆

Press release document (458KB/PDF form) (December 18, 2017 announcement)

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