March is ...! "We follow shotengaitsukikan!"

February 26, 2018
Tsuzuki Ward   Regional Promotion Division head Mikio Shimomura 
Telephone 045-948-2230

(1) Purpose  

Event month that mall of Tsuzuki Ward  , Tsuzuki Ward   government office cooperated with professional basketball team "Yokohama B col Thayer's" to be active based in Tsuzuki Ward   begins. "We follow, and B col and mall heap up Tsuzuki Ward   titled shotengaitsukikan" in March, 2018!

(2) Contents  

We carry out the following plan by the end of March. Luxurious premium hits by watching B col and shopping at mall!
 ★When watch a game of B col home game (※) in March, and use target store of mall with application postcard distributed in venue; of B col
Signature colored paper or original goods hit. (in the case of a lot of application, we draw lots)
  (※) Target game is seven games

 ★"B col lottery" is installed in mall. We visit mall and will pull lottery! Premium can get on the spot when we hit.
  As for the setting date and time and place, the participation method, search by "Tsuzuki Ward   mall alliance party"!

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