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aichan volunteer

["aichan volunteer" registration system is finished on March 31, 2019.]
 Participation in promotion and activity of understanding to volunteer in Tsuzuki Ward   has you cooperate and thanks all of you who had you enroll in this business. As the handling such as special treatments with card becomes the end on March 31, 2019, with the business end, please understand.

 In Tsuzuki Ward  , it enforces "aichan volunteer registration system" in November, 2010 for the making of climate where volunteer activity is carried out lively.
 This system provides information about various volunteer activity to people who had you register and aims at opening ring of the activity by usually introducing wrestled various places to volunteer activity.
 When all of many stores, companies in ward gives the support to for aichan volunteer and shows aichan volunteer card, various services such as discount are received.
 Do you not register by all means at this opportunity, too?

(as of the end of March, 2016)

7,041 people

What's New

Introduction of registration group

We introduce volunteer activity such as group, school having aichan volunteer register.

Introduction of support shop

We introduce store, company having you support aichan volunteer. Please use aichan volunteer card after the presentation.



Though "there is feeling that we want to make volunteer, toward called ...", we will tell about information that is encouraging from ward office.

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