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Tsuzuki Ward   community-based welfare health planning information paper "we follow communication" 

Follow; about communication

 Plan information paper to introduce in local approach and related information , and to propel Tsuzuki Ward   community-based welfare health planning continues, and "it issues communication"!
 As we issue by several times of paces in year and distribute in ward office, ward Council of Social Welfare, community care plaza in ward, please see for hand by all means!

We follow and communicate

※We follow, and you can see the communication text when we click the next image.

19th [June, 2018 issuance] NEW!!
(Portable Document Format, 4.1MB)


The 18th [February, 2018 issuance]
(Portable Document Format, 5.24MB)
The 17th [October, 2017 issuance]
(Portable Document Format, 6.23MB)
Extra [May, 2017 issuance]
(Portable Document Format, 2.09MB)
The 16th [February, 2017 issuance]
(Portable Document Format, 4.54MB)
The 15th [October, 2016 issuance]
(Portable Document Format, 4.11MB)
 The 14th [February, 2016 issuance]
(Portable Document Format, 11.8MB) 


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