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Health promotion course map around beautiful city park and park of Tsuzuki

We are blessed with beautiful nature and animals and plants, and every day many various places use green walk (total extension 15km) which is attractive one of the Tsuzuki Ward   and enjoy walking.
 We added information of the highlight and health appliance of flower to "health promotion course map which we made in commemoration of the Tsuzuki constituency system 15th anniversary around beautiful city park and park of Tsuzuki" and renewed. Please inflect for daily health promotions and walks.

  <characteristic of health promotion course map>
  ・Course is the north and two south courses!
  ・We set up signature of distance indication every 250m!
  ・We publish the highlight (cherry tree, plum, hydrangea) of flower!
  ・We publish healthy appliance!


Health promotion course map cover  
Health promotion course map (PDF file, 2.68MB)

●We distribute health promotion course map in Tsuzuki engineering works office.
●As number includes limit, sorry for your inconvenience, but you print file after downloading, and please use if you disappear.


Mark is this signature - city park distance indication ...


City park signature photograph 1   City park signature photograph 2  City park signature photograph 3

●We set up signature of distance indication every 250m.
●We know distance from start point and the distance until goal at first sight.
●As whole map becomes available every 1km, we can confirm current position.

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