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On November 23, follow every year; walk & festival!

 On November 23 follow, and do walk & festival on schedule [holding]!
 We look forward to your visit!


 You walk park and green walk in ward, and do you not rediscover "Tsuzuki?"
 Performance by middle and high school student looks forward to "finishing walking" of everybody at goal point.
 Please enjoy walk and festival, both!

[on the date] November 23 Friday (holiday) from 9:00 to 15:00 ※Rain out


We follow, and walk & festival is event that let "festival" where "walk" over city park in ward and middle and high school student show performances such as wind music performance, dance to fuse.

 "We followed and, in the next year of Tsuzuki Ward   birth, started in 1995 as discovery walk", and we increased festival from 2000, too, "it continued, and it was in walk & Festa".

Festival◆ It is aimed for contact and health promotion beyond generation of participant including the young people through attractive discovery of town including wonderful scenery of Tsuzuki Ward  , interchange with local people.

 In addition, we promote young people healthy upbringing by providing place expressing originality and independence, individuality to the young people.

We hold this year on Friday (holiday) on November 23!

■ The latest information (November 16, 2018 update)

 We replied to all of you who had you apply with reception desk number.
 Reception desk number is necessary in reception desk on the day.

 When the domain designated reception is set with cell-phone, smartphone, email from system may not arrive.
 When it does not arrive, on the day please report to the reception desk headquarters.

■ Walk

Walk Walk

 u xp- ku

  On the day we walk at pace of each participant while seeing map to distribute.
  We go around a certain checkpoint sequentially in the middle of course and aim at finishing walking while collecting stamps. (we do not compete for thyme.)

  As young people instructor and sports promotion committee guide in each place of course, even course to walk for the first time is reliable
  At checkpoint, we make questions for quiz about guide and Tsuzuki Ward   by junior high student!
  Start → kusabuenomichi → Ushikubo Park → Yokohama international pool → With Fujiya rise → Tokuo Park → Tsuzuki Minka-en → Yokohama-shi history Museum → Goal (approximately 7km)
  Start goal is all Centerminami station square sukippu open space.

 ※There are difference in elevations such as stairs or slope in a part.
 ※Is careful about physical condition; and of unreasonableness please participate as far as there is not.
 ※Everybody who is lower than primary schoolchild, please participate with protector or leader.

  Please pay by acceptance of 500 yen per person on that day.

★ Participation privilege ★
  Behavior soup, prize for finishing walking, making of craft key ring, Yokohama-shi history Museum permanent exhibition, plan exhibition viewing for free.

★ Mall cooperation plan ★
  Cooperation plan with mall on course!
Walk rally participant-limited coupon!
  Let's go to mall to eat rice if we finish walking! Let's do shopping!

  Cooperation mall and store (honorific title abbreviation, random order)
  ◆Centerminami business area promotion society◆
   [Kohoku TOKYU S.C.]
Joey kids world anfanii, go-go curry, pail, Mekong, Kohoku culture center, Libro,
    KURANOSUKE, van perception, Kojima X BIC CAMERA, Starbucks coffee, Saint Marc
   [south Wood]
 Maya restaurant, freshness burger, Kohoku store of Yamayasu string
  ◆Centerkita commerce promotion society◆
    Byrd's Grill & Bar, torattoriaraparutentsua, la maison Centerkita shop

  ◆Kitayamada commerce promotion society◆
    Sum cocoro dining eni-si, ji*oku

 yokohama health stamp rallyWalk is business targeted for yokohama health stamp rally.

■ Festival

Festival Festival

Festival Festival

 We meet and, in Centerminami station square sukippu open space of goal point, do "finishing walking" of walk participants by wind music performance by junior high student, dance baton performance by high school student and heap up venue!
 As we show result of everyday exercise, please see by all means.
 In addition, cheerleader "B-ROSE" of Yokohama B col Thayer's appears as Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2018 cosponsorship business this year! Don't miss it!

Appearance group, appearance time
  10:00 - Edaminami Junior High School brass band club
  10:25 - Hayabuchi Junior High School brass band club
  10:50 - Kawawa Junior High School brass band club
  11:15 - Higashiyamata Junior High School brass band club
  11:40 - Nakagawanishi Junior High School brass band club
  12:05 - sponsor greetings, ceremony
  12:13 - Yokohama B col Thayer's cheerleader "B-ROSE"
  12:35 - Nakagawa Junior High School brass band club
  13:00 - Chigasaki Junior High School brass band club
  13:25 - capital Tanaka school brass band club
  13:55 ... new honor High School dance club
  14:10 - Eda High School baton twirling part
  14:30 - Kawawa High School dance club

■ [simultaneous holding] We work on all city united actions campaign for "child, youth upbringing support emphasis month"

 We display illustration work of junior high school fine art club which featured the theme of "child of child all society" and activity introduction panel of young people instructor.

  From Friday, November 16 to 26th (Mon)

  The first floor of ward synthesis Government building inhabitant of a ward hall

 We follow and, on the day of walk & festival, hold commendation ceremony of junior high student who won Tsuzuki Ward   award for excellence in festival!


We look forward to your visit♪


 ● Voice (than questionnaire on that day) of visitors of the year before last ●
 ● We participated for the first time this time. Park of Tsuzuki Ward   is wonderful.
 ● Thank you every year. It is annual function of my home.
 ● We are looking forward to the different course little by little every year.
 ● We enjoyed in families. Though it was cold, we warmed as there was soup.
 ● Various events were fun and were able to walk happily. Acorn picking wants you to do next.
 ● There are a lot of places not to know even Tsuzuki Ward   residence, when walked, and it might be revealed, was fun.
 ● We participate happily every time. Junior high students, thank you for having you please in the cold.


■ Administrative body

 Last sponsorship; walk & festival executive committee, Tsuzuki Ward   government office
 Control Tsuzuki Ward   young people instructor communication meeting
 Cooperation Tsuzuki Ward   sports promotion committee communication meeting, Tsuzuki Ward   child meeting upbringing communication meeting, Tsuzuki Ward   PTA communication meeting, member of Tsuzuki Ward   health practice promotion meeting, as for the Tsuzuki Ward   eating habits, it is hill Neighborhood Association of Aya, Japan chain drugstore association in member of improvement promotion fair, the brilliant harmony, Yokohama B col Thayer, Centerminami business area promotion fair, Centerkita commerce promotion fair, Kitayamada commerce promotion fair, the Forest Park four seasons 

Junior high student volunteer Junior high student volunteer

Junior high student volunteer Junior high student volunteer

 On the day junior high student is active as volunteer, too!

 ● Voice (than questionnaire on that day) of junior high student volunteer of the year before last 
 ● It had done slight event and cleaning activity several times, and it was good after a long absence this time so far to be able to participate in such an event. We want to participate in volunteer activity positively from now on. It was good to have you know good place of Tsuzuki Ward  .
 ● We wanted to participate in such a local volunteer a lot.
 ● We said hello and had, and it was good that we talked with person of participant. By explanation of acorn, it came to have a lot on kind slightly.
 ● There was dumb one, but was able to do it happily. If next can sometimes participate, we want to participate by all means.
 ● Though we participated in volunteer for the first time, it was very fun! We were very glad that he/she said hello with everybody friendly. We guided, but everybody heard story well and thought that it was very kind town. We want to participate again next year!

■ Apologies

 About personal information that was able to know application, we handle only about meeting paperwork.
 We may use photorecording which sponsor photographs for public information.

■State of held preparations

 Sunday, May 13, 2018 preliminary inspection
  In the course of walk, young people instructor plays a key role every year from about April and is thinking.
  We actually thought about course this year on seeing the field from early time that participant could walk happily safely and could enjoy new discovery even if we participated every year.

Preliminary inspection 1 Preliminary inspection 2

■ Inquiry

 Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity follows and is in charge of walk & festival
 〒224-0032 32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
 TEL: 045-948-2236 FAX: 045-948-2239

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