Tsuzuki, interchange business in Botswana

Connection with "Tsuzuki Ward  " and "the Republic of Botswana"

In the case of "the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development held in Yokohama in 2008," it was a chance that station and elementary school (Centerminami, Chigasaki Elementary School) in ward were in charge of the Republic of Botswana by "one one station exercise" and "one alone exercise", and interchange started. We deepen interchange afterwards while Tsuzuki many culture arranges various opportunities including approach (seminar and holding of international understanding classroom with the country Embassy) of youth exchange plaza (they are commonly called and continue MY plaza) in Tsuzuki Ward  .

With the Republic of Botswana

 Population: 2,030,000 (the 2013. World Bank) / languages: English, Tswana (national language) / area: 582,000 square kilometers (approximately 1.5 times in Japan)

  1966 independence. We accomplish rapid economic development since diamond is discovered in 1967, and the production of diamond is proud of the first place of the world. The economic growth rate of 30 years accomplished an average of approximately 9% and globally eminent high economic growth. (the source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs HP)
  Botswanan mapScenery in BotswanaBotswanan scenery 2Botswanan scenery 3
          (the photograph left: group, the center of elephant: the setting sun of Chobe river right: buffalo)

Approach of 2016

Monday, May 23 contents of a joint declaration ("Photo NEWS continues and links to page of ")
Monday, July 11 Botswana cooking class ("Photo NEWS continues and links to page of ")
Thursday, September 15 Botswana composition contest commendation, Friday, September 30 Botswana National D reception
 ("Photo NEWS continues and links to page of ")
・Branch NEW! first the Republic of Botswana Embassy for November 3 Thursday (holiday) Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward festival to Japan
Monday, November 14 - third Tsuzuki, Botswanan interchange elementary school student painting exhibition NEW!

Approach before 2015
Tsuzuki, Botswanan interchange elementary school student painting exhibition, international understanding seminar

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