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[Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward activity center]

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We support your "activity" and "learning"

 It is facility helping inhabitants of a ward whom Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward activity center wants to begin social movement and lifelong learning and wants to deepen.
 As you are on Tsuzuki Ward   government office the first floor, please drop in casually.

 Under recruitment of participants
   Relationship gin meeting

Facility information

●Place 〒224-0032 32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
Tsuzuki Ward   government office the first floor (access to ward office)
Municipal subway Center-Minami Station drop off walk five minutes
●The opening date and time

Every day (except <from December 28 to January 4> year-end and New Year on third Monday on holiday, facility check day)
From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

●Contact information TEL. 045-948-2237
FAX. 045-943-1349
E-mail. tz-katsudo@city.yokohama.jp

  It is in group, human resources bank registration update reception desk in 2017.
        Group registration application (29.1KB)
        Human resources bank registration application (20.1KB)
        Card (28.5KB) for booklet
        Group introduction sheet (13.3KB)
        Human resources bank introduction sheet (29.5KB)


Guidance in center

Inhabitant of a ward activity center layout

 We fly to page of "guidance of each corner" when we click the following corner name.

Machine parts, toy rental


  1. Registration is necessary.
  2. We make a reservation about machine parts desired.
  3. Rental period is up to one week.
  4. Used person, please offer expendable supplies such as paper, cassette tape.

List of rental machine parts

Business, event guide

  • Class of adult  

   Tsuzuki district center  
   Nakagawanishi district center
   Nakamachidai district center  
   Kitayamada district center 

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Registration group, group

 As of September 30, 2016

 1 child care support, youth development (PDF 388KB)
 2 sports (PDF 220KB)
 3 health (PDF 272KB)
 4 international exchanges (PDF 396KB)
 5 town development (PDF 260KB)
 6 environment (PDF 228KB)
 7 welfare (PDF 420KB)
 8 social education (PDF 320KB)
 9 human rights (PDF 204KB)
 10 gender equalities (PDF 620KB)
 11 information (PDF 224KB)
 12 art (PDF 808KB)
※ Detailed activity contents, activity place when want to contact
   Please refer to Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward activity center.

Human resources bank registrant

 As of October, 2016
 List of human resources banks (PDF 536KB)

※ When we want to know detailed activity contents, activity place that we want to ask for
   Please refer to Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward activity center.

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