We hold "German Christmas market in Tsuzuki 2018"!


German winter charming sights "Christmas market" comes over to Centerkita this year!
Come to "German Christmas market in Tsuzuki 2018" reaching the seventh in this year with family and friend by all means with your friends♪
 (we update the details at any time.)

     Venue :Centerkita station square lawn open space (Yokohama municipal subway Center-Kita Station)
    Date :Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 10:00 to 20:00 
         Sunday, December 9, 2018 from 10:00 to 19:00
※By weather, we may change holding time.
                        About held having day or not
             Reference on the day of Christmas market
                 ☎045-664-2525 (reception hours 12/8, 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
             In the case of cancellation: On the day we publish the effect of cancellation in this homepage by 8:30.

   Sponsorship: Tsuzuki, German interchange event executive committee, Tsuzuki Ward   government office
   Practice chairperson: Masayuki Yokota (Centerkita commerce promotion society's chairperson)
   Member of the executive committee: Centerkita commerce promotion society, Nakagawachuo Neighborhood Associations, Centerkita station square park protection society,
                    Mosaic mall Kohoku where e project KITA, Tokyo Yokohama Germany school, shopping town want to match

★Stage time schedule
  We click this

 Opening ceremony
Saturday, December 8 12:00 ...
Photo courtesy: Aristo avian strike
Masahiro Chono of professional wrestler appears in stage this year.

 <going to appear time> Saturday, December 8 13:50 ...

★About branch (honorific title abbreviation)
We introduce shop this year

・As for Tokyo Yokohama Germany school hot dog, guryuwain, puretchieru, the hot coffee, it is petty person
・aseandohamaburusuto (a lot of German sausage), wine
・Morita firm (house of Santa) Christmas decoration, stuffed toy
・RISE wine, Doyle beer, bulldog strike, hamburg
・Yoneyama plantation miscellaneous goods, plant

・Bosh Gullah pop
・Yanase goods sale
Sampling, sale of wainhausugeaharuto wine
・BITTE German food
・Cane Daiso sage, drink of NPO corporation Hama
・KOBATSU+ boo shell Germany beer, German food
・Japanese marble Germany wine, sale of snacks
・Association of Yokohama BBQ barbecue dishes
・ikeajapanhomufanisshu miscellaneous goods, North European light meal, cake
・CONJA Germany beer, hot dog
・Great jar man Cook
sausage, beer, mulled wine

★About present
When we have you answer questionnaire in venue,
Cake (quite popular in Germany!of Mitsubishi Shokuhin offer Liter sports chocolate) is presented in every day by 350 people!
We present one from mini-liter assortment

In addition, wonderful German product hits by lot!
[fisura prize] One person
・Pressure cooker "bitakuikkupurasu" 4.5 liters
・Pressure cooker "bitakuikkupurasusukiretto" 2.5 liters 
 We are presented with set by one person!

[kunaipu prize] For each five ten people in total
・kunaipubasusoruto "citron & ginger" (*5 bag of 50 grams)
・kunaipubasusoruto "citron & ginger" (850 grams)

★Continuance and German ... which plan panel display - manufacturing connects in particular
 In local company making rapid progress in original technique, the German company playing an active part in global based in the ward,
 Tsuzuki Ward   which the eminent manufacturing industry accumulation ground is formed in the city.
 We hold panel exhibition to have many of you know this prominent technical superior product more.
 Tsuzuki Ward   has a lot of companies full of vigor!

           ? ? ? ? ? ? Is it Germany and connection of Tsuzuki? ? ? ? ? ? ?                    

  "Tokyo Yokohama Germany school" which is East Asia local oldest overseas German school in Tsuzuki Ward  
  Seven companies with the head office are in Germany, and person of German nationality lives most in 18 wards in Yokohama-shi.
  Triggered by the Japan and Germany interchange 150th anniversary, Tsuzuki Ward   and interchange business of Germany started in 2011.
                   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

★We can purchase German food and German beer, German miscellaneous goods in venue and can enjoy stage in connection with Germany and Christmas★
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


♪♪We look forward to your visit♪♪

Inquiry: Tsuzuki Ward   government office Regional Promotion Division
TEL: 045-948-2235