About handing over of my number card

  I send grant letter of advice (postcard) from ward office as soon as I am ready to be able to hand my number card (personal number card) to person applied for.
   After checking contents of grant letter of advice (postcard) sending from ward office, come to the second floor of the direct Tsuzuki Ward   government office twelfth window.

  Even if deadline for receipt which is written on grant letter of advice (postcard) passes, I hand my number card.
  In addition, receipt cries for a long term after the progress in deadline for receipt, and application may be necessary some other time.
  ※When you lose grant letter of advice (postcard) which I sent from ward office, please refer to Family Registry Division Registration Section (the second-floor twelfth window).

   From application to shipment of grant letter of advice (postcard), we are having time by default now for approximately two months from one month.
  ※Handing over may become later even if we have you apply within the period mentioned above to remake my number card about card which malfunction was found in in process of inspection in J-LIS (local public entity information system mechanism).

  ◆About application method of my number card (page of Civic Affairs Bureau)

       (we become able to receive by mail when we apply at ward office from Friday, June 1.)

  ◆[person having) with my number card (photograph of the face]
     We can acquire resident certificate, Seal Registration proof, family register proof (except a part) at convenience store