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We play soccer in parent and child in summer vacation! Recruitment of Yokohama F. Marinos soccer classroom & watching games meeting participants!

Memory of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi, Kanagawa constituency system
Is together; Kanagawa ward inhabitant day

★Yokohama F. Marinos soccer classroom & watching games meeting★


             For the making of memory of summer vacation…. We wait for much application.

  ★ Handbill is this
   ★ Application is this

Date Saturday, August 26, 2017       From 14:30 to 21:30
Meeting 13:45 Tsurumi Ward government office the first floor inhabitant of a ward hall (in the case of Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward)
Schedule 13:45    Tsurumi Ward government office meeting
        We move by bus
14:30    Soccer classroom (Nissan well fair 1-37, Shinkoyasu, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi)
17:00    We move to Nissan Stadium
17:30    Arrival at Nissan Stadium (3300, Kozukuecho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi)
        Free action
Undecided     Yokohama F. Marinos VS F.C. Tokyo kickoff
       (kickoff time end of July announcement (night game plan))
              After game, we move by bus
We are dissolved at JR Tsurumi Station at about 21:30

※We move to meeting place by pick-up bus of Nissan Motor.
 Please note that you are called off in the case of stormy weather.
Object 30 sets of parent and child who are raw for elementary school of old China 1 through 3 of Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward residence or attendance at school
(one set of two people 60 people in total)

※In the case of a lot of application, we draw lots
Entrance fee Parent and child one set 2,000 yen

※As you offer watching games ticket (home unreserved seat) for companion families, apply in addition. (adult 1,500 yen, child 500 yen)
 Belonging  Slippers (for soccer classroom in gymnasium)
 Change of clothes
Deadline for application It must arrive by Thursday, August 10, 2017 

※Only as for the elected candidate, lottery result is notification by Thursday, August 17
Application method Please send application by FAX or E-mail at the following.
(as for the E-mail, OK by mention in the email text in required items)

Application is this
[application] Yokohama F. Marinos Home Town contact Division 
      ・FAX    045-285-0688
Reference Yokohama F. Marinos Home Town contact Division
TEL 080-4411-6176
Sponsorship Yokohama F. Marinos
Nissan Motor Yokohama factory
The cosponsorship Tsurumi Ward government office
Kanagawa Ward government office

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